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  • In Jet Hunt, Patience Is a Virtue

    As a submarine enters the second week of its search for Flight 370, veterans of sometimes lengthy undersea quests say it’s too early to write off the effort that has found no trace of the plane.

  • ‘Titanic’ Director Cameron’s Mini Robot Probes May Aid Jet Quest

    Film director and deep-sea explorer James Cameron said robot probes that were used on the wreck of the Titanic could be deployed to investigate debris from the missing Malaysian jet if it can be located on the ocean floor.

  • Hunt for Malaysian Plane Intensifies as Ships Seek Pings

    A U.K. warship with advanced undersea listening tools reached the area of the Indian Ocean where a Chinese vessel picked up two signals that may be from black boxes of the Malaysian jet that vanished a month ago.

  • Ocean Off Perth Called Diverted Malaysian Plane's Most Likely Last Position

    The weeklong search for a missing passenger jet shifted toward the Indian Ocean as Malaysia’s prime minister agreed with investigators that the aircraft was intentionally diverted.

  • Australia Joined by U.S. Scouring Ocean for Missing Jet

    The U.S. joined Australia in scouring an area in the southern Indian Ocean about 1 1/2 times the size of California for missing Malaysian Air Flight 370, as the disappearance became the longest in modern airline history.

  • Malaysia Appeals to 25 Countries in Flight 370 Search

    As the search for a Boeing aircraft carrying 239 people risks becoming the longest hunt in modern civil aviation, Malaysia broadened its appeal for international help while the area being combed through grows larger every day.

  • Radiation Levels off Japan Elevated but Safe: Today's Pic

    The Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown in March 2011 was the largest accidental release of radiation into the ocean in history, according to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientists who studied the area in June. Some water samples showed radioactive particles, or radionuclides, at levels 1,000 times higher than before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident -- but still safely below levels dangerous to humans and much sea life.

  • Tepco’s Claim Radiation Leaks Confined to Coast Called ‘Silly’

    Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s claim that radioactive water leaking into the sea from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant is confined to the coast doesn’t make scientific sense, according to a U.S. researcher who surveyed waters off the site last month.

  • Parts of Air France Jetliner Flying From Rio Are Found, Investigators Say

    The French air-crash investigation agency, BEA, has identified pieces of an aircraft found in an underwater search over the past 24 hours as parts of Air France Flight 447, BEA said in an e-mailed statement today.

  • BP Well Flowed 25,000 to 35,000 Barrels a Day

    BP Plc ’s damaged well in the Gulf of Mexico has been leaking twice as much oil as previously thought, a team of government scientists said in its latest estimate on the size of the leak.

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