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  • Crimea Resolution Backed by U.S. Barely Gets UN Majority

    Ukraine and its backers won support from little more than half the members of the United Nations General Assembly to declare invalid Crimea’s referendum to secede, as Russia wielded diplomatic and economic pressure for members to abstain or cast no ballot.

  • Ukraine Unlocks $27 Billion International Aid Deal

    Ukraine reached a preliminary deal with the International Monetary Fund to unlock $27 billion in international aid as U.S. lawmakers passed bills imposing more sanctions on Russians linked to Crimea’s annexation.

  • How Obama Was Checkmated by Iran

    “Down is up and up is down. I feel like we have passed through the looking glass and are looking back at a backwards world,” a military historian of the modern Middle East wrote in a recent note to me about the hectic diplomacy over Syria and Iran. “Where did all the realists go? It’s as though the Cold War never took place.”

  • Obama Can Safely Ignore Saudi Tantrums

    Saudi Arabia has been throwing a diplomatic temper tantrum lately, threatening a “major shift” away from the U.S. over differences on Iran, Syria and other issues. The Obama administration can relax.

  • Netanyahu as Patriarch of Iran Sanctions Is Wary of Shift

    For more than 15 years and more than any other world leader, Benjamin Netanyahu demanded sanctions against Iran to stop it from getting nuclear weapons. Now, as the sanctions are credited with weakening the Iranian economy enough to prompt a thaw between the U.S. and the Islamic nation, the Israeli prime minister is among the skeptics who remain unconvinced that anything significant has changed.

  • Obama-Rouhani Chat Covers Nuclear Talks, New York Traffic

    The historic conversation between President Barack Obama and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani touched on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program and New York City traffic and ended with “Khoda Hafez” from Obama -- Farsi for “God be with you,” an expression used as “goodbye.”

  • Iran’s UN Diplomacy Leaves Hard Work on a Nuclear Deal

    With international talks on Iran’s disputed nuclear weapons program now set to resume, world powers will test whether the country is moderating its policies or merely its rhetoric.

  • Rohani Display of Moderation Draws Praise Amid Questions

    After eight years of bellicose rhetoric from his predecessor, Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s smiling face is prompting a debate about whether his outreach is a promise or a ploy.

  • UN Arms Trade Pact Passes Over Objections by Iran, Syria

    The first international treaty regulating the $70 billion global arms trade was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly yesterday in a vote that came amid a U.S. debate on gun control.

  • WTI Falls to Eight-Week Low on Signs of U.S.-Iran Thaw

    West Texas Intermediate crude fell to the lowest close in eight weeks on speculation that U.S.- Iranian relations are thawing and as the threat of an American military strike on Syria recedes.

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