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  • Levine on Wall Street: The CEO's Plane Is a Bad Sign

    I guess when you say "CEOs who drive drunk are more likely to commit accounting fraud" it sounds pretty obvious. Still, someone did a study, and, yep.

  • Go Out There and Win One for the Motherboard

    One of the many delights of reading Tyler Cowen’s new book, “Average is Over,” is the instinctive effort to extend his twinned theses. The provocative little volume has generated a lot of controversy -- even President Barack Obama was asked about it on National Public Radio -- and, like many controversial works, it has been widely misread.

  • Cheating at Chess and Other Pastimes

    The Christmas season may seem an odd time to bring up the subject of cheating. But it’s also college exam season -- and besides, some stories are impossible to resist.

  • Buy, Sell or Hold: How Can Governments Decide?

    One of the best sentences I have read in the last year is by the economist Tyler Cowen.

  • Keynesians Revive a Depression Idea

    Larry Summers is talking about it. So is Paul Krugman. So are other economists. And everyone else is talking about the folks who are talking about it.

  • The Sad State of Our Science, and How to Fix It

    There was something ineffably sad about the recent report that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has awarded an $18 million contract to develop an inhabitable balloon to attach to the International Space Station.

  • Anthropologist Graeber Turns Radical Side Loose in Zuccotti Park Protest

    David Graeber likes to say that he had three goals for the year: promote his book, learn to drive, and launch a worldwide revolution. The first is going well, the second has proven challenging, and the third is looking up.

  • Growing Income Gap May Leave U.S. Vulnerable

    A widening gap between rich and poor is reshaping the U.S. economy, leaving it more vulnerable to recurring financial crises and less likely to generate enduring expansions.

  • Davos Pitch for Dynamism Rams Into End-of-Growth Debate

    Over the course of 2012, the U.S. economy rebounded with all the vitality of a slug waking from a long nap. In debt-strapped, recession-hit Europe, investors fret about a Spanish bailout, a Greek default and whether the euro itself will shatter.

  • Krugman and Summers Want to Keep Finance Fun

    In which are discussed a Fed discussion paper arguing that efficient markets are inefficient, and a former candidate for Fed Chairman arguing that bubbles are good.

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