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  • Senate Scrutiny of Nonprofits Spurring Disclosure: Taxes

    Senate hearings, lawsuits and an Internal Revenue Service questionnaire are placing new scrutiny on nonprofit groups that spend millions of dollars on political campaigns without disclosing their donors.

  • Insurers Gave U.S. Chamber $86 Million Used to Oppose Obama's Health Law

    Health insurers last year gave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce $86.2 million that was used to oppose the health-care overhaul law, according to tax records and people familiar with the donation.

  • Van Hollen Asks Federal Court, FEC to Require Donor Disclosure

    Democratic Representative Chris Van Hollen filed a federal court suit in Washington aimed at forcing groups that fund political ads to reveal their donors.

  • High Price of Anonymous Cash in America’s 2012 Political Campaigns: View

    The 2012 election is almost certain to be the most expensive in history -- and that’s not a bad thing. Communicating with a nation of 310 million -- via town halls and television ads -- is costly. As long as campaign contributions and expenditures are well-documented, voters benefit from the increase in information and attention that money buys. But as a Bloomberg News investigation last month revealed, anonymous donors spent at least $137 million in 2010 to influence the composition of Congress. They are sure to spend more in the 2012 campaign, subverting electoral accountability with every undisclosed dollar.

  • Republican Outside Groups Balance Out Democrats’ Cash

    Republican-leaning groups that don’t disclose their donors are raising and spending millions of dollars on the U.S. congressional elections, helping make up for the party’s fundraising deficit.

  • Comedian Colbert Exploring Presidential Run in South Carolina

    Comedian Stephen Colbert, emboldened by a recent poll that showed him ahead of Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr., announced yesterday on his late-night television show that he will explore running for “president of the United States of South Carolina.”

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