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  • Obamacare Subsidies Face Skeptical Appeals Court Judges

    The Obama administration’s claim that its health-care overhaul allows financial aid to people who buy insurance through a federal exchange met skepticism from U.S. appeals court judges who suggested the law doesn’t provide for such subsidies.

  • Republican Lawmakers Argue Obama Appointments Unlawful

    Republican lawmakers who failed to block President Barack Obama from installing administration officials without Senate approval in January asked a federal appeals court to rule the appointments unconstitutional.

  • Texas Voter District Maps Rejected by U.S. Judges

    Redrawn congressional and state assembly districts in Texas were rejected by a federal court in Washington, dealing a blow to Governor Rick Perry and the Republican-controlled legislature’s efforts to redraw the state’s political landscape.

  • Texas Can Use Interim Districts in November Election

    Texas will use interim voter maps drafted by three federal judges in San Antonio for the November election, delaying a redistricting fight between voting rights activists and the state’s Republican leaders.

  • Maryland Ordered to Decide on Dominion Facility Permit

    A Dominion Resources Inc. unit’s application for an air quality permit for a natural-gas compressor station must be evaluated by a Maryland state agency, a federal appeals court in Washington ruled.

  • Trucking Industry Says Fatigue Rule Based on Bad Data

    The largest U.S. trucking group asked federal appeals judges to throw out limits on driving time that would cost the industry $470 million a year, arguing the Obama administration exaggerated data on fatigue-caused crashes.

  • EPA Loses Bid for Full-Court Review of Cross-State Rule

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lost a bid for review by a full federal appeals court of a three-judge panel’s ruling that threw out regulations designed to cut cross-state pollution from coal-fired power plants.

  • Oracle, JPMorgan, Potash, GMAC/Ally in Court News

    Oracle Corp. sued Micron Technology Inc., alleging it overcharged Sun Microsystems Inc. , which Oracle acquired, by conspiring to fix prices for computer memory chips.

  • Galleon, United, UBS, Boeing, Pfizer in Court News

    The U.S. government rested its case yesterday in a prosecution that may provide a preview of next year’s trial of Galleon Group LLC co-founder Raj Rajaratnam, accused of helping direct the largest-ever hedge fund insider trading scam, Bloomberg News’ David Glovin reports.

  • EPA Cross-State Emissions Rule Put on Hold by Court

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency must delay implementing rules on interstate air pollution on Jan. 1, a federal court ruled, siding with electric power producers seeking to defeat the new regulations.

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