The Mobile Workforce


We've come a long way since pagers. Today's mobile devices -- with their robust features and growing selection of business apps -- have made it easier to work remotely and stay connected to the office. Some companies don't even use desk phones anymore. For employers, the always-on mantra of mobile is a good thing. For employees, the line between work and personal time is further blurred. In this special report, we explore mobile's impact on the workforce.



  • When It Comes to Design, These Are No IPhones

    The iPhone may not be the most ergonomic device -- since when does a glass slab fit nicely against a human head -- but at least it has a design that's simple, considering the impressive computing power and capabilities inside.

  • Inkblot: Box CEO Aaron Levie

    Why does Aaron Levie love to hate Google? And why does he admire Oracle's Larry Ellison? sat down with the co-founder and chief executive of Box, a cloud computing company that provides workers at thousands of corporations with access to their data over various devices.

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