The Great Corporate Tax Dodge

How Legal Loopholes Allow Corporations to Avoid Taxes

Beginning in force in the mid 90s, U.S. multinationals have been avoiding corporate income taxes by shifting profits into shell companies in havens like Bermuda, the Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. At home, they have exerted tremendous lobbying pressure on Congress to get a second tax break to bring those profits back home. Bloomberg has chronicled the methods by which some of the world's largest corporations have legally used loopholes to avoid large tax bills.

Special Report -- Bloomberg Exclusives

The Great Corporate Tax Dodge in the News

  • Transfer Pricing in The News

    March 17, 2011 (Bloomberg) -- On National Public Radio's "Fresh Air," Bloomberg News reporter Jesse Drucker explains how companies like Google, Pfizer, Lilly, Oracle, Facebook and Microsoft have managed to reduce their tax rates by taking advantage of offshore tax havens.

  • Push For Corporate Tax Holiday

    Bloomberg investigative reporter Jesse Drucker talks with Guy Raz of NPR's All Things Considered about the effort of former congressional aides to help major corporations secure a massive tax break.

  • How Low Can You Go?

    Bloomberg reporter Jesse Drucker discusses what happen if Google paid the full tax rate on its profits, with NPR's All Things Considered host Guy Raz.

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