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  • Jerry Brown’s George Wallace Moment on Prisons

    The fight between many states and the federal government over carrying out the health-care law figured to be the most significant states’ rights blowup of the decade. Yet the most colorful battle of this sort may be taking place in California over prison overcrowding.

  • No, New York Beats California in Sprint to Last Place

    When a government watchdog as knowledgeable as Steven Greenhut, a Bloomberg View contributor, writes that California deserves to knock New York out of last place in rankings of state business climates, it’s tempting to agree. If only he had a stronger case.

  • California Can Top New York as Nation’s Worst State

    Whenever a free-market research or business group releases a “best and worst” list of states, my eye goes straight to the bottom: To see whether California is last or was edged out for the lowest rank by one of the other mismanaged liberal bastions. Illinois seems to exist to boost the self-esteem of Californians.

  • Mortgage Deal Props Up California House of Cards: Steven Greenhut

    Why should a taxpayer in Houston or Wichita bail out irresponsible California homeowners, banks and the state’s public employees’ retirement fund?

  • California’s Scary New Way to Raise Public Money

    In a rare act of fiscal responsibility, the California Assembly voted 73-0 earlier this month to place stricter limits on a high-yield, long-term bond that was used primarily by desperate local school districts.

  • Californians Want Oil’s Tax Revenue Without the Oil

    The only thing California’s environmentally friendly Democratic legislators prefer to regulating private industry is spending public dollars. So it’s fascinating to watch them struggle with an unfolding dilemma.

  • In California, ’Moderate Democrat’ Is an Oxymoron

    California taxpayers have nothing to fear from the new Democratic supermajorities in the state Assembly and Senate. That’s the assurance we keep hearing from the political class and interest groups in the Golden State, where Republican legislators are now reduced to irrelevancy and Democrats control two-thirds majorities to pass anything they want.

  • California Democrats Covet Carbon-Market Funds

    If you believe California officials, you might think the state’s long-running economic and budgetary problems are over, thanks largely to the flood of money from voter-approved increases in already high income and sales taxes.

  • Scandals Show California Is Broken, Not Broke

    Voters are accustomed to the scare tactics of tax-hungry politicians who warn of looming cuts in schools and public safety.

  • Public Unions Send Medical Bills to Taxpayers

    The U.S. public pension mess, with its $2 trillion to $3 trillion in unfunded liabilities, is such a volcano of gloom that it takes a potentially bigger problem to turn our eyes away from it.

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