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  • Christie Gets Republican Support Without 2016 Commitments

    Oklahoma party chairman Dave Weston spoke for many at a gathering of the Republican National Committee in Washington when he called the probe of Chris Christie’s role in politically motivated traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge a media witch hunt.

  • Gingrich Says His Rise Is ‘Disorienting’ as He Steps Up Iowa Bid

    Newt Gingrich, expressing confidence he will be the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, said he is unsettled by his campaign’s rapid rise in recent weeks and doesn’t intend to answer criticism from rivals.

  • Palin’s Iowa Crowd Shows Turmoil of Republican Primary

    On the eve of the Iowa Straw Poll of Republican presidential aspirants, non-candidate Sarah Palin was mobbed as she slowly worked her way through the Iowa State Fair after arriving in Des Moines as part of her periodic “One Nation” bus tour.

  • Gingrich No Loon to Preach Moon in Hard Times: Margaret Carlson

    Tuning in to the Republican debate last weekend in Iowa, the first since Newt Gingrich became the front-runner, was like watching a 3-year-old at a birthday party. I kept wondering whether Gingrich would hold it together through the slicing of the cake or collapse in a heap before another sugar infusion sent him reeling.

  • Failure in Iowa Straw Poll Could Doom Pawlenty’s White House Bid

    Republican Tim Pawlenty has done everything usually needed to become a top-tier contender in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation presidential caucuses. So far, there’s little sign his work is paying off.

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