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  • Republican Tax Plan Hits Finance as Wall Street Ire Grows

    Dave Camp, the Republican House Ways and Means Committee chairman, is filling in the blanks in his plan to revamp the U.S. tax code and leaning on the financial industry to help pay for lower tax rates.

  • Camp Hits Carried Interest in Tax Plan Focused on Finance

    The top Republican tax writer in Congress will lean on the financial industry with his planned revamp of the U.S. code, changing the treatment of carried interest and imposing a levy on the assets of banks and insurers.

  • Private Equity Tax Break Won’t Apply to Health-Care Levy

    Private-equity executives, who spent millions of dollars successfully fighting efforts to raise taxes on their investment profits, may not escape a new 3.8 percent levy in President Barack Obama’s health-care law.

  • Private Equity’s Carried Interest Eyed by Congress: Taxes

    The preferential tax rates that private-equity managers pay on some profits survived Congress’s Jan. 1 budget deal. That victory may not last.

  • Rubenstein Sees Carried Interest on Table Post Election

    David Rubenstein, co-founder of buyout firm Carlyle Group LP, said taxation of carried interest will probably be discussed as part of a comprehensive tax overhaul following the U.S. elections.

  • Romney Slammed for Making Millions in PE

    It isn’t unusual for Mitt Romney to be interrupted by hecklers at campaign stops. On the Sunday before the New Hampshire primary, his rally in Exeter was briefly held up when a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters began chanting “Mitt kills jobs!”

  • Obama Looks to Limit Tax Breaks for Wealthy

    President Barack Obama asked lawmakers to again consider increasing taxes for high earners, private equity managers and oil and gas companies to pay for his $447 billion job-creation package, running into Republican resistance along the way.

  • Private Equity Avoids Tax on Stake Sales

    Private equity executives won a major concession in a battle with the Obama administration over plans to raise taxes when selling stakes in their firms, potentially saving billionaires such as Stephen Schwarzman and David Rubenstein hundreds of millions of dollars.

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