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  • Paul Wins Straw Poll at Conservative Political Action Gathering

    U.S. Senator Rand Paul, a Tea Party favorite, won the presidential preference straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

  • Carlos Slim Tops Forbes List of Billionaires for Second Year

    Carlos Slim remained the world’s richest person for a second year with estimated assets of $74 billion, according to Forbes magazine’s annual global ranking of billionaires.

  • It's The End of the World as They Know It. They Feel Fine.

    We swoop down through the clouds to the Coliseum grounds. We see senators, centurions, aqueducts, Caesar, bloody-handed Brutus, Roman baths. So far, we might be watching a cheesy educational video about ancient Rome or a really bad movie preview.

  • Forbes on U.S. Stock Market, Spanish Banks, Taxes

    July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Steve Forbes, chairman and chief executive officer of Forbes Inc., talks about tax policy, and the impact of Spain's 10-year debt yield on the U.S. stock market. Forbes speaks with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Forbes: Romney's Going to Learn to Be Forthright

    Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes speaks with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Steve Forbes to Sell $1.5 Million Winston Churchill Memorabilia

    Steve Forbes , chief executive of Forbes Inc., is selling his collection of items associated with former British leader Winston Churchill at auctions in London and New York.

  • Perry Flat Tax Is Fool’s Gold for Conservatives: Ramesh Ponnuru

    Texas Governor Rick Perry’s tax plan is an attempt to solve a problem that no Republican has yet overcome: how to make a flat tax politically palatable. The result he came up with is a proposal that is neither flat nor attractive.

  • Romney Can Take His Dad’s Idea and Cut Mortgage Tax Break

    Side with us, or lose a house. That’s essentially what Gary Thomas, president-elect of the National Association of Realtors, was saying this week at the Republican convention when he warned against the elimination of the mortgage-interest deduction.

  • Is Debt Destroying the American Dream?

    July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes analyzes the current national debt situation and considers ways to control the problem. He joins Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Fiscal Cliff Crisis Rooted in Senate Ploy to Pass Bush Tax Cuts

    In early 2001, Paul O’Neill, the new Treasury secretary, began work on a plan for radical tax reform. He wanted simpler forms and fewer deductions, which would make it easy for people to prepare their taxes and cost the government less to process them. He presented a five-inch-thick binder of research to a senior White House official.

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