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  • Data Miners Ride Boom-Bust Cycle in Races to Mold Senate

    Sarah Benzing is opening a small business that needs to raise more than $10 million in a year and spend almost all of it in less time than that.

  • Steve Blank on Why Big Companies Can't Innovate

    What's striking about Fast Company's 2013 list of the world's 50 most innovative companies is the relative absence of large, established firms. Instead the list is dominated by the big technology winners of the past 20 years that have built innovation into their DNA (Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft), and a lot of smaller, newer start-ups. The main exceptions are Target, Coca Cola, Corning, Ford, and Nike (the...

  • How to Innovate with an Executive Sponsor

    Meaningful innovation requires sponsorship. It always has. In 1959, one of the most important economists you've never heard of — Edith Penrose — pointed out as much by chronicling the nature of firm evolution. Penrose explained that all things equal, a firm's history determines its future. We seed our organizations with resources — people, capital, and equipment — and those resources have productive value in certain areas. Maximizing...

  • The Dangers of the Minimal Viable Product

    A movement originating from the United States' West Coast has sought to transform the creation of new businesses from an...

  • Accel Facebook Bet Poised to Become Biggest Venture Profit: Tech

    A few months after struggling to raise a new fund in 2005, Accel Partners bet $12.2 million on a website run by a college dropout. Seven years later, that wager is poised to be the most profitable ever for a venture firm.

  • Are Entrepreneurs Being Commoditized?

    Is it possible that entrepreneurs are being commoditized? And what does that mean? These are questions I discussed after a...

  • Combating Four Innovation Lies

    Innovators have to deal with particularly insidious lies — things that people say that they believe are true, but actually...

  • 3Par's Fong, After Bad Bets, May Be Redeemed by HP-Dell Bidding

    Kevin Fong , chairman of 3Par Inc., may find redemption in a bidding war between Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. after bad bets marred his tenure at venture capital firm Mayfield Fund.

  • Is Venture Capital Broken?

    A recent report by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation raises serious questions about the degree to which venture capital deserves...

  • Tech Startups Go Lean as Software, Storage Costs Drop

    To start their company and get its first product out the door, the founders of software maker 280 North Inc. needed little more than a half-dozen computers and a roof overhead.


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