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  • U.K. Stocks Rise as Vodafone, RBS Shares Advance

    U.K. stocks rose, with the FTSE 100 Index making its biggest weekly gain this year, as Vodafone Group Plc and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc climbed.

  • Let He Who Lobbed No Missiles Judge Libya Rebels: Stephen Carter

    On the day Muammar Qaddafi died, a French warplane and an American drone attacked the convoy in which he was trying to escape Sirte. He survived with minor wounds. Suppose instead we had successfully blown him to bits. Would Western officials now be calling for an investigation of his death?

  • Obama Should Still Resist Congress on Solyndra: Stephen Carter

    A deal may be in the works to allow the Obama administration to comply with a subpoena from the House Energy and Commerce Committee demanding additional documents about the Solyndra LLC mess.

  • Bloomberg View to Begin Publishing Editorials in Late May

  • Bernanke Cliff Analogy Overstates Immediate Economic Harm

    While the U.S. Congress views the convergence of more than $600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts set for Jan. 1 as a “fiscal cliff,” the metaphor misses the economic reality of what could follow.

  • Alcatel-Lucent Names Tufano Operating Chief in Revamp

    Alcatel-Lucent SA, the phone- equipment supplier whose stock is trading near a 23-year low, appointed Chief Financial Officer Paul Tufano to a newly created role of chief operating officer, giving him additional responsibilities in the French company’s turnaround plan.

  • Running the Data on a Romney Presidency

    In 2007, when Mitt Romney sat down with the Wall Street Journal editorial board, the candidate for the Republican presidential nomination was eager for the influential paper’s blessing. What he got, instead, was their bemusement.

  • Most Read on Bloomberg: Brevan Howard, FOMC Minutes, Repo Market

    The following list comprises the most-read Bloomberg News reports from the past week.

  • Fight Masters Equality Battle in Market, Not on Fairways

    By now, almost a week after Bubba Watson smashed his way to a Masters victory, things should be pretty much back to normal at the Augusta National Golf Club. The TV trucks are gone. The trampled greens and broken magnolias have been repaired by wizard groundskeepers. And all those activists, journalists and regular folks who were after the club to admit women have fallen silent, doubtless from exhaustion. The club has moved off the fairway of American attention.

  • Congress Admits: Yes, We Were Reckless

    Without muss or fuss, Congress just voted overwhelmingly to keep the federal spigot open for six more months. There were no shouting matches, no threats of a government shutdown, no hostage-takings. Even some Tea Party lawmakers approved the $1.047 trillion measure.

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