Smart Strategies for Emerging Market Investors

Emerging Market Investors

The growth opportunities in emerging markets are clear. The best way to take advantage of them, however, is not. Sometimes the most popular investing route is not the best way to get exposure to these fast-growing and volatile markets, and investors would do well to investigate less traditional ways of gaining exposure to the region. (Photographer: Keren Su/China Span)

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  • The Many Ways Into Emerging Markets

    Everyone, it seems, knows that emerging markets are where the growth is these days. Far less obvious, though, is the best way to profit from their growth. Some of the trendiest investing options have serious drawbacks.

  • Slide Show: Emerging-Market Investing -- How the Pros Do It asked specialists in emerging markets to share how they navigate the cultural challenges and what lessons they've learned in their travels.

  • Coping With Emerging Market Selloffs

    Even the best emerging market mutual funds have down years. While the Wasatch Emerging Markets Small Cap fund (WAEMX) has bested 99 percent of other emerging market mutual funds over the past three years, it has lost 10.1 percent so far this year.

  • Africa: Keep it on Your Radar

    Investors are waking up to Africa -- finally. Not just Egypt and South Africa, but such countries as Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. The reason: As the continent moves more of its resources into industry and services, it stands to become an economic powerhouse, making its citizens wealthier and its influence more global.

  • Indonesia Steps Onto the Stage

    The second-largest oil producer in Asia has a strong economy and stable currency, making Indonesia a frontier economy that can provide investors with the opportunity to buy into winning trends early.

Editor's Picks

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