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  • Carter Joins Keystone Foes as Both Sides Push Celebrities

    Former President Jimmy Carter announced his opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline today, calling it a “linchpin for tar sands expansion and the increased pollution that will follow.”

  • Court Upholds Key EPA Mercury Standards for Power Plants

    Bloomberg BNA — A federal appeals court handed the Environmental Protection Agency a significant victory April 15 by upholding stringent mercury and air toxics standards for power plants, which are among the costliest regulations the agency has promulgated.

  • Coal's Best Hope is Costly Power Plant in Mississippi

    Rising from the scrub pines of central Mississippi is a $5.2 billion construction project that may determine the future of coal in the age of global warming.

  • Coal’s Clout Endures in Washington Even as Jobs Decline

    Natalie Tennant, the presumptive Democratic nominee for West Virginia’s open U.S. Senate seat, got an earful visiting a company where workers said President Barack Obama’s environmental policies threaten their jobs.

  • Companies Try to Catch CO2 Before It Touches the Sky

    Andre Boulet, chief executive officer of Inventys Thermal Technologies Inc. in Burnaby, British Columbia, holds up a 6-inch piece of charcoal, showing how light passes through toothpick-sized air shafts. He says the crevices in this filter offer a cheap way to capture carbon dioxide before it ascends into the atmosphere and haunts future generations.

  • Luminant Wins Ruling in Pollution Suit, Sierra Club Says

    Energy Future Holdings Corp. and its Luminant Generation unit, the largest power generator in Texas, won a ruling in a lawsuit accusing it of violating U.S. air pollution standards at its Big Brown plant near Longview, according to the company and the Sierra Club.

  • Keystone Foes Take Aim at Maryland Natural Gas Project

    Environmentalists fighting the Keystone XL pipeline are rallying to block a Maryland natural gas export terminal as momentum builds to use the U.S. fuel as a weapon against Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.

  • Keystone XL Pipeline Records Sought in Sierra Club Suit

    Keystone XL pipeline records are being sought by the Sierra Club in a lawsuit claiming the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has to make public documents related to its review of TransCanada Corp.’s project.

  • Clinton Keystone Dodge Prompts Donors to Rethink Support

    Wealthy Democratic environmentalists are considering withholding support for a 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential bid unless she reassures them about their top priority: Killing the Keystone XL pipeline.

  • Enbridge Seeks to Expand Oil Flow Without Keystone Review

    A Canadian company may have found a way to ship more oil across the U.S. border without becoming enmeshed in the red tape that’s tied up the proposed Keystone XL pipeline -- by relying on a permit it got four decades ago.

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