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  • Twitter Tax Break is Target in San Francisco Income War

    On April 15, union workers will march to Twitter Inc.’s San Francisco headquarters to give the microblogging service a bill for the tax break it got three years ago to stay in the city.

  • Former McDonald’s Store Managers Say They Withheld Wages

    Two former McDonald’s Corp. store managers, assisting with a campaign to raise pay for fast-food workers, said they helped withhold employees’ wages at the restaurant chain after facing pressure to keep labor costs down.

  • Obama Deportation Review Crucial to Hold Latino Support

    A review of the U.S. deportation system ordered by President Barack Obama is seen by pro- immigration Democrats as good policy and good politics.

  • Occupy Tastes Rare Success in Rise of Seattle Socialist

    The Tea Party feted its five-year anniversary last month with three U.S. senators it helped elect, two of them presidential contenders. Now Occupy Wall Street, the other populist movement to emerge from the financial crisis, can claim electoral success: a Seattle city council member.

  • AFL-CIO Election Plan Tied to Nonunion Workers: Trumka

    The AFL-CIO is planning an expanded effort to mobilize nonunion workers in this year’s elections to help Democrats retain Senate control and to erode Republicans’ majority in the House, the labor federation’s president said.

  • Labor Gains in Washington Amid Falling Union Membership

    After snubbing the 2012 Democratic National Convention, labor leaders are this year pledging a flood of cash and volunteers for the party’s U.S. Senate candidates -- and getting plenty in return.

  • Ads Slugging McConnell in Louisville Create Cash Windfall

    Kentuckians seeking to appreciate the re-election threat facing Republican U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell need only turn on their television sets.

  • Ohio, Pennsylvania Voter Rules Face Judges’ Scrutiny

    Ohio Republican officials urged a U.S. appeals court to overturn a decision barring the state from disqualifying provisional ballots cast in the wrong precinct.

  • Stern Says Obama Ultimately May Ease Tax Rule (Transcript)

    Andy Stern, the former head of the fastest-growing U.S. labor union and a close ally of President Barack Obama, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s “Conversations with Judy Woodruff,” to be broadcast this weekend, that he expects Obama to reverse his opposition to the easing of tax rules so companies with overseas profits will be encouraged to return the cash to the U.S. Stern is the former president of the Service Employees International Union.

  • NLRB Orders Rerun of Kaiser Permanente Union Vote in California

    The National Labor Relations Board ordered a rerun union election among 43,000 Kaiser Permanente health-care workers in California after throwing out results of a 2010 tainted by allegations of improper conduct.

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