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  • Russia’s Corrupt Crackdown on Corruption

    For the first time in its history, the Russian parliament is about to expel one of its members for mixing private interests with public service. The move would be a triumph, were it not aimed at one of the most vociferous opponents of President Vladimir Putin.

  • Medvedev Fires Moscow Mayor Luzhkov After Conflict

    Dmitry Medvedev fired Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov after 18 years in office, opening the way for the Russian president to put his own person in charge of the capital as the country prepares for national elections next year.

  • Putin Opponents Say Forced First-Round Win Would Harm Legitimacy

    Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s efforts to avoid a run-off in next month’s presidential election will work against the Russian leader by undermining his legitimacy, his opponents said.

  • Putin Opponents Protest Presidential Win Amid Fraud Claims

    Thousands of protesters rallied in central Moscow’s Pushkin Square the day after Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin claimed victory in a presidential election that international observers said was unfair.

  • Moscow Police Arrest Hundreds Amid Protests After Putin Victory

    Moscow police detained more than 200 people after thousands of protesters rallied in central Moscow the day after Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin claimed victory in a presidential election that international observers criticized as unfair.

  • Medvedev Breaks With Putin Over Vinci Road Project After Ecology Protests

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev halted a highway construction project championed by his prime minister, Vladimir Putin , in a rare public collision between the country’s ruling tandem.

  • Putin Grapples With Urban Russia’s Ire as Challenge for Third Kremlin Term

    Vladimir Putin, who won another six years at the Kremlin amid allegations of fraud, faces rising discontent among the country’s urban middle class that owes its success to prosperity under his rule.

  • Putin Wants to Stop Vote Runoff, Rival Says

    Grigory Yavlinsky, a candidate of the pro-democracy Yabloko party, accused Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of barring him from March 4 presidential elections to ensure a first-round victory.

  • Could This Be the End for Putin’s Russia?: Jeffrey Tayler

    Anyone with an Internet connection can easily see why throngs of protestors have been clashing with riot police in the wake of Russia's Dec. 4 parliamentary vote. Check out the map, posted by independent monitor Golos, showing the number of election violations in cities and towns throughout Russia. Or search Youtube for "vote rigging 2011" (фальсификация выборов 2011) and take your pick from clips displaying everything from pre-stuffed ballot boxes to election officials furtively filling in votes.

  • Moscow May Sell Assets When Putin's Man Takes Charge of Capital

    Moscow may sell stakes in companies from banks to airlines when Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ’s chief of staff, Sergei Sobyanin , replaces Yury Luzhkov as mayor of the Russian capital.

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