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  • Paying College Athletes Seen Hurting Sports’ Popularity

    The former president of CBS Sports, testifying in defense of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s refusal to share billions of dollars in revenue with players, said paying the athletes would jeopardize the popularity of college sports.

  • NCAA’s Scholarship Caps Called Anti-Competitive at Trial

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association stifles competition among schools for players by capping scholarships, a Stanford University professor said at a trial in which athletes are seeking a cut of the billions of dollars generated by college sports.

  • Santa Clara Borrows Against Odds of Gain With 49ers

    Michele Ryan says Santa Clara, a Silicon Valley city of 116,500, overreached by betting it can build a $1.18 billion stadium for the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers without dunning taxpayers.

  • Oakland Pays $14 Million for NFL Raiders as Cops Fired

    Oakland, California, the fifth-most crime ridden city in America, faced a $32 million budget deficit in fiscal 2011. It closed the gap by shrinking its police force by 18 percent, shedding 138 officers including 80 dismissals.

  • Americans Pay Wall St. $20B for Bad Swaps

    Seven months after Hurricane Katrina ripped holes in the Superdome’s roof in 2005, Louisiana State Bond Commission members made what they were told would be “the best of a bad situation” in financing the stadium’s renovation.

  • Apple Loses Bid to Delay E-Books Antitrust Monitor

    Apple Inc., which faces as much as $840 million in state and consumer antitrust claims stemming from an electronic books lawsuit, lost its bid to halt oversight by a court-appointed compliance monitor.

  • Tycoon Clash Means Less Money for Mexico Billionaires as Consumers Benefit

    An escalating confrontation between Carlos Slim and two fellow billionaires is driving prices lower for phone, Internet and TV services in Mexico, a boon for consumers that could boost the nation’s economy.

  • California Ski Town Aiming to Rival Vail Faces Upheaval

    When an earthquake jolted Mammoth Lakes, California, in 1980, it caused $1.5 million in damage and kindled fears of volcanic eruption that scared off visitors to what’s now the third-most-popular U.S. ski resort.

  • Comcast Purchase of NBC May Require the Selling of Stations or Arbitration

    Comcast Corp. may have to sell some NBC television stations or agree to have independent arbitration settle pricing disputes to get U.S. government approval for buying General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal .

  • Sacramento Is Fresh Victim of Bad Stadium Deals

    Officials in Sacramento, California, are furious that the owners of the Kings basketball franchise, the Maloof family, said they are backing out of a handshake deal in February to invest $73 million in a project to build a new arena downtown.

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