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  • Vertex Says U.S. Places Partial Hold on Hepatitis Study

    Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. said U.S. regulators placed a partial clinical hold on its trial of a drug for hepatitis C after three patients receiving a high dose of the medicine showed signs of potential liver toxicity. The shares sank the most in eight months.

  • Red Bull-Fueled All-Nighters Put Fortress Fund on Top

    As Friday night turns to Saturday morning in Singapore, Adam Levinson regularly stays up drinking Red Bull until 4 a.m., waiting for U.S. jobs data and the close of the trading week halfway around the world in New York.

  • Fortress Says Co-Founder Robert Kauffman to Retire

    Robert Kauffman, one of three co- founders of Fortress Investment Group LLC, retired after 15 years at the New York-based investment firm, a decision made in part to avoid higher tax rates next year.

  • Ferrari 458 Lets CEO Hit Le Mans Like Steve McQueen

    The Ferrari 458 takes the Mulsanne Straight at 180 miles per hour, a lime-green streak through the fastest section of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which ranks alongside the Daytona 500, the Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix as one of auto racing’s pre-eminent jewels. About 240,000 fans ring the 8.5-mile track on this sunny day in mid- June.

  • Citigroup, MF Global, JPMorgan, Merck, BofA in Court News

    Citigroup Inc., whose $285 million settlement with U.S. regulators over a collapsed collateralized debt obligation was faulted by a federal judge as too lenient, may have to pay more money to avoid admitting it did anything wrong, said lawyers following the case.

  • Fortress First-Quarter Profit Rises 75% on Fee Income

    Fortress Investment Group LLC, the first publicly traded private-equity and hedge-fund manager in the U.S., said first-quarter profit rose 75 percent because of higher fees paid to the firm for managing its funds.

  • Fortress Says Its Profit More Than Doubles on Fee Income

    Fortress Investment Group LLC, the first publicly traded private-equity and hedge-fund manager in the U.S., said fourth-quarter profit more than doubled on higher fee income from managing funds.

  • Harleysville Buyout Highlights Directors’ Potential Conflicts at Insurer

    Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co. directors may draw scrutiny for potential conflicts of interest when customers are asked to approve the sale of the company and its Nasdaq-listed subsidiary, Harleysville Group Inc., to Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.

  • Liberty Criticizes Harleysville Merger After Its Bid Said to Be Rejected

    Liberty Mutual Holding Co. is asking regulators to scrutinize the sale of Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co. to a competitor after its own bid for the company was rejected, said a person with knowledge of the matter.

  • Harleysville Policyholder Sues Over ‘Self Dealing’ in Buyout

    Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co. was sued by a customer contending that the company’s directors doubled their personal payout in a planned sale of the company by diverting a merger premium away from policyholders.

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