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  • Bunny Mellon, Heiress Ensnared in Edwards Scandal, Dies at 103

    Rachel “Bunny” Mellon, the heiress to one of America’s great business fortunes whose support of presidential candidate John Edwards had attracted her, at 100, the type of public scrutiny she had spent a lifetime avoiding, has died. She was 103.

  • Edwards Told Aide’s Wife Checks for Mistress Were Legal

    John Edwards, the former presidential candidate, told the wife of a campaign aide that checks sent from a donor to his mistress were legal, the wife said at Edwards’s criminal trial.

  • The Misguided Prosecution of John Edwards

    Too many louts get away with being one. So it was intensely satisfying to learn that the U.S. government, in the form of the Justice Department, was focusing its considerable might on John Edwards.

  • Is Edwards Prosecution Sleazier Than Defendant?: Jonathan Alter

    Prosecutors and defense lawyers were back in federal court this week working out the schedule for the trial of former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards.

  • Edwards Targeted Supporters for Mistress Cash, Aide Says

    Ex-presidential candidate John Edwards, on trial for allegedly using campaign funds to hide an affair, initially targeted a longtime friend and a successful musician for money to support his mistress, a former aide said.

  • John Edwards Faces Hometown Jury in Campaign Finance Trial

    Two-time U.S. presidential candidate and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards is about to learn his fate on charges he violated campaign finance rules to hide a mistress as the process to select a jury begins.

  • Petraeus’s Narcissism

    It was her six-minute mile that did it. Or her youth. That’s the assumption about the choice by David Petraeus, America’s most-revered military statesman, to pursue an extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell, who co-wrote a biography of him.

  • Crime and Punishment and Senator John Edwards: Margaret Carlson

    John Edwards committed the perfect crime. He began an affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter on the night she waited outside his New York hotel and told him he was “hot” and later produced a child with her. Yet he didn’t suffer for it at the polls. He lost his bid for the White House in 2008 simply because voters, who knew nothing of his dalliance, concluded that he wasn’t presidential timber. Nor was he denied access to his children, as men in his situation so often are. Instead, he won them in an existential custody fight that his wife lost by dying.

  • Edwards Speechwriter Advised Rip ‘Band-Aid’ Off on Affair

    John Edwards, the former presidential candidate accused of campaign-finance crimes related to an extramarital affair that produced a child, told his chief speechwriter he thought the scandal would “go away,” she said.

  • Edwards Lied to Cover Affair During Campaign, U.S. Says

    Former presidential candidate John Edwards planted seeds of destruction in his 2008 campaign with his extramarital affair and used a former aide as cover, prosecutors said at the close of his trial over alleged campaign-donation violations.

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