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  • Manipulate Me: The Booming Business in Behavioral Finance

    It's hard to find a place today where concepts of behavioral finance aren’t being applied to real-world situations. From London to Washington to Sydney, governments are experimenting with the psychology of decision-making and trying to “nudge” citizens toward better behaviors, whether that means saving more for retirement or signing an organ donation card. Meanwhile, businesses see opportunities for higher profits. To grab more attention and dollars from consumers, companies as far afield as banks and fitness-app makers carefully design their offerings with consumers’ decision-making quirks in mind.

  • NFL’s Wage Fixes May Give Us Not-So-Super Bowl: Kevin Hassett

    Over the past few decades, economics has been the chief driver of success in the National Football League. Teams that best understood the limits and opportunities of the salary cap enjoyed an advantage on the field. You could call it the Age of the Nerd.

  • Banks Say Simpler Mortgage Form Could ‘Stifle’ New Products

    For Elizabeth Warren , the Obama administration adviser setting up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, simpler mortgage paperwork is a “regulatory sweet spot” that will cut lender costs and borrower confusion.

  • Better Trading Through Science

    John Coates, a senior research fellow in neuroscience and finance at the University of Cambridge, has a theory. He says there would be fewer stock market bubbles and crashes if women and older men handled most of the trading. “There is less diversity in the financial world than in the military,” he quips. “On Wall Street, we have one slice of the population -- young men -- running our trading floors. That leads to extreme behavior: They go wilding.”

  • Business Is Booming in Empirical Economics

    Many had pronounced the field of economics discredited after the global financial crisis. Instead, it’s in the midst of a revolution.

  • Bias, Blindness and How We Truly Think (Part 3): Daniel Kahneman

    Take a look at the photos of two pairs of eyes, and take note: Your heartbeat accelerated when you looked at the left-hand figure. In fact, it accelerated even before you could label what is so eerie about the picture.

  • Mitt Romney vs. the English Language

    My favorite moment of the 2012 presidential debates came at the beginning of the final confrontation Monday night.

  • On Immigration, Don’t Hold Economy Hostage to Politics

    The third presidential debate, concerned mainly with foreign policy, was frustrating for many commentators because it gave them little to chew on. What’s to debate when there’s so much agreement -- or the semblance of it, at least?

  • This Election Is All About Health Care

    According to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 55 percent of registered voters say the outcome of this election will make “a great deal of difference” in their lives. That’s a 10 percentage point increase over the 2004 election, and more than double the percentage of voters who felt that way about the elections of 1996 or 1992. The stakes this year are higher -- and most voters know it.

  • Economists Ask U.S. Probe of College Football’s Bowl Championship Series

    College football’s Bowl Championship Series should be investigated for violating U.S. antitrust laws, a group of economists and legal professors says.

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