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  • This Could Be the Priciest Baseball Park in the Whole Atlantic Ocean

    Something odd happens to the neighborhood around Marlins Park, Miami’s new $650 million baseball stadium, when you overlay 21st-century sea-level rise projections. It sinks below the waterline. It’s a shame. The park has a retractable, cloud-white roof to shield players and spectators from the summer sun. It recycles, sips energy and water, and is plugged into public transit. It has 27 flood gates, and was built one foot higher than floods are supposed to reach in once-in-500-year storms. The total, publicly financed package, with debt servicing, could cost Miami $2.4 billion by 2049. If the Atlantic inches in as projected, eventually it might not matter how many flood gates there are. Oceans are swelling as they absorb heat, and ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica have been melting faster since the early 1990s. Sea-level rise estimates for later this century have been revised upward, to a global average of a foot and a half to three feet by 2100, without aggressive carbon-cutting, according to the Inter

  • Daley Scolds Airlines, Lawmakers for Failing to Tackle Future Needs

    Mayor Richard M. Daley , Chicago’s longest-serving mayor and the oldest brother of the new White House Chief of staff, chastised U.S. airlines and government for being short-sighted in a world of global competition.

  • `Mayor Emanuel' Is No Sure Thing as Chicago's Daley Reign Ends

    Even the chief of staff to the first U.S. president from Chicago may face challenges in trying to win the top job in a city where someone named Daley has ruled for 42 of the past 55 years.

  • Daley Passes Torched Finances to Next Mayor of a Revived Chicago

    The Chicago that Richard M. Daley transformed and will hand off in May to the next mayor can be seen from the corner of Chicago Avenue and Larrabee Street.

  • Chicago's Daley Won't Seek a Seventh Term as Mayor

    Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley won’t seek another term in office, clearing the way for a potential run by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel next year.

  • Politically Connected Mayor Emanuel Fundraises for Chicago

    Former President Bill Clinton towers over Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a south side union hall, paying tribute to the skill that helped define his one-time White House adviser.

  • Rahm Emanuel Makes History With Win Succeeding Daley as Mayor of Chicago

    A new era of Chicago politics dawned today as Rahm Emanuel , the former White House chief of staff and the city’s mayor-elect, hugged, shook hands and high-fived surprised rush-hour commuters on the South Side.

  • Daley Increases Taxpayer Costs as Chicago CFO Avoids Financing Competition

    Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley hired JPMorgan Chase & Co. investment banker Gene Saffold and gave him a simple order: protect the taxpayer.

  • Chicago's Daley Says Pension-Overhaul Law Will Bring Record Tax Increase

    Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley accused his fellow Democrat, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn , of imposing “the largest property-tax increase in the history” of the city by signing a pension-overhaul bill into law.

  • Chicago Losing AA Rating as Daley Deals Fail to Offset Deficits

    Chicago’s next mayor will take over a city that is almost out of cash after Richard M. Daley spent most of the $3.5 billion gained from leasing parking meters, garages and a 7.8-mile elevated toll road.

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