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  • Bardot’s Once-Sexy Lancia Banished to Italy in Fiat Remake

    Lancia, the Italian car brand that once steamed up the streets of Saint-Tropez alongside Brigitte Bardot, has seen its last days on the French Riviera.

  • Hamptons Home Sales Surge as Wall Street Fuels Price Gain

    Home sales in New York’s Hamptons, the beach retreat for financiers and celebrities, surged in the first quarter as stock-market gains and fatter Wall Street bonuses fueled demand for luxury properties.

  • Richard Gere, Glenn Close Express ‘Love’ in Doggy Documentary

    The elevator opens on Daryl Roth’s Park Avenue apartment to the barking of what sound like hungry German shepherds.

  • Richard Gere Guitar Collection Fetches $936,000 at Auction

    Richard Gere’s vintage guitar and amplifier collection brought in $936,438 at Christie’s in New York today.

  • Sunchokes Roasting on an Open Fire: The Bedford Getaway

    One hour north of New York, there's a mushroom with your name on it.And a 6-foot-4 hobbit named Jeremy McMillan darting about the woods to fetch it for you.McMillan is executive chef of the Relais & Chateaux hotel/yoga studio/restaurant also known as the Bedford Post Inn, in Bedford Hills. On a late-autumn evening, Loot’s plate bore the fruit of his foraging -- not a mushroom, in this case, but a potato. Make that a sunchoke."What is a sunchoke, anyway? No one at our table can figure it out," I ask the chef, not waiting for the answer to devour it."It’s also called a Jerusalem artichoke," McMillan says with a smile. "It's the tuber of a type of sunflower, similar to but creamier than a potato. And the skin has an amazing truffle flavor. But it's a little briny, which is why I paired it with the monkfish."The monkfish-sunchoke number is delightful. But that’s not what’s striking. It’s McMillan's look-what-I-found wonderment that pervades the dishes, which are almost all wood-fired and displayed on either

  • Gere’s Corrupt Hedge Fund Manager to Follow Gekko in Hollywood

    Richard Gere is playing a financier as twisted as that other movie villain, Gordon Gekko, and whose downfall is no less spectacular than Bernard Madoff’s .

  • Gere, Sarandon, Director Jarecki on 'Arbitrage'

    Charlie Rose on BTV- Monday, September 17, 2012 (Full Show For Mobile - Part 2) A look at the film "Arbitrage" with director Nicholas Jarecki and actors Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and Nate Parker.

  • Gere’s Risky ‘Arbitrage’; College Class Warfare: Movies

    Nothing is risk-free in Nicholas Jarecki’s Wall Street amorality tale “Arbitrage,” a slick financial thriller that pivots on bad decisions and ethical bankruptcy.

  • Scared Gere, Stuffed Puppy Catch Sundance Fest’s Fancy: Review

    From the high-finance suspense of “Arbitrage,” which Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions reportedly purchased for $2.5 million, to a slew of angry, man- the-ramparts documentaries, some of the Sundance Film Festival’s most buzz-worthy films tapped into the country’s financial stress and social unrest.

  • Schwarzman, Bommer, Wendi Murdoch, Soros, Princess Talal

    Last night, being the fiancee of George Soros meant being asked to take his picture for an admirer.

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