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  • Your Innovation Problem Is Really a Leadership Problem

    When Karl Ronn recently said, "Companies that think they have an innovation problem don't have an innovation problem. They have a leadership problem," I listened carefully. I featured Ronn, a former P&G executive (and current executive coach and entrepreneur), in several places in The Little Black Book of Innovation, most notably for his rant against the evils of focus groups. Ronn is thoughtful, widely read, a seasoned practitioner,...

  • Innovate Faster or Innovate Better?

    The other week I met with the leader of a new growth business for a large Asian company. The meeting was miles away from the corporate headquarters. The leader proudly showed me around her office, pointing out how the open, energetic feel compared to the closed-door, corporate nature of headquarters. The young staff certainly seemed to be enjoying itself in the lounge that was well-stocked with booze and...

  • Ryan, Biden Strain Truth Over Iran, Taxes: Reality Check

    Vice President Joe Biden and Republican challenger Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin representative, made competing assertions during their debate last night in Danville, Kentucky. How did they square with the facts?

  • Medicare Will Be Viable to 2029, Backing Obama Claim

    Medicare will gain an extra 12 years of fiscal life as a result of the health law signed in March by President Barack Obama , a government report said, supporting the administration’s claims about the value of the overhaul.

  • How to Anticipate a Burning Platform

    It's been nearly two years since Nokia CEO Stephen Elop shot off his burning platform memo as a way of...

  • Spidey, ‘Mormon’ Ripped By ‘Forbidden’ Parody: Review

    “Forbidden Broadway.” Few words strike more fear in stage icons -- nor incite greater anticipation for theater fans.

  • U.S. Health Law Won't Curb Growth in Spending This Decade

    The U.S. health overhaul that Democrats said would slow the rising costs of health care will have little overall effect on spending in the next 10 years, according to an analysis by government actuaries.

  • U.S. May Further Delay Health Program Targeted by Republicans

    U.S. health officials said they will trim staff from a long-term care insurance program that was part of the 2010 health-care law, adding that the initiative may never proceed.

  • Go Innovate on the Periphery

    One of the challenges facing market leaders is that transformational trends are only obvious when it's too late. Typically, transformation...

  • Obama’s Medicare Cost-Control Plan Relies on Unsure Steps

    President Barack Obama argues that Republican Mitt Romney’s tax-cut proposals don’t add up, saying they rely on unproven assumptions to show they wouldn’t add to the federal deficit.

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