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  • Terrorism Probes Won’t be Hindered by Warrants: NSA Panel

    Requiring a U.S. spy agency to get a warrant each time it wants customer records from phone companies won’t hinder terrorism probes, members of a White House advisory panel said days before President Barack Obama plans to announce changes to surveillance programs.

  • Congress Told to Make NSA Get Warrants for Phone Records

    Requiring a U.S. spy agency to obtain a warrant each time it wants customer records from phone companies isn’t a burden and won’t hinder terrorism probes, members of a White House advisory panel told lawmakers.

  • Congress Spending Bill Demands Details About NSA Spying

    U.S. lawmakers are demanding, as part of a spending agreement, that the National Security Agency turn over data about the collection of bulk phone records, including how many Americans had calls intercepted by the agency.

  • NSA Call Data Sweep Ruled Legal as Court Conflict Brews

    The National Security Agency’s bulk collection of phone call records is legal, a U.S. judge said, creating a conflict with another judge on a post-9/11 terrorism program that may have to be resolved by the Supreme Court.

  • NSA Didn’t Overreach With Phone Records, Morell Says

    The U.S. National Security Agency didn’t abuse its authority in collecting the bulk phone records of millions of Americans and the spy program should continue under a new structure, said Michael Morell, a former deputy CIA director.

  • NSA Review Group Seeks to Limit Government Data Troves

    Government spying on Internet and telephone communications would be allowed to proceed with new limits on the broad collection and storage of the data, under recommendations by a White House advisory panel.

  • Secret Spy Court Won’t Reconsider Phone Data Collection

    The U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court rejected a request by a civil liberties watchdog group to re-examine an order authorizing the U.S. to collect call data from phone companies.

  • Yahoo to Facebook Get What They Wanted From NSA Review

    A presidential advisory panel on government surveillance recommended satisfying a demand of Internet companies such as Yahoo! Inc. and Facebook Inc. while putting new burdens on telecommunications providers to retain data for future snooping.

  • White House to Release Full Report on NSA Surveillance Today

    The White House today will release the full report of a five-member panel that scrutinized data harvesting by the National Security Agency and recommended steps to address concerns raised by technology companies, civil liberties groups and U.S. allies.

  • NSA Panel Said to Urge Civilian Leader, Safeguard Privacy

    A White House advisory committee examining federal spy programs says in a draft report the government should continue collecting bulk records on every U.S. phone call with new restrictions to protect privacy, said an administration official familiar with the report.

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