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  • James Brady, Wounded in President Reagan Shooting, Dies at 73

  • Can Occupy Wall Street Replace the Labor Movement?

    When protesters settled in New York's Zuccotti Park in September, few anticipated how big a phenomenon the Occupy Wall Street movement would become. Soon, dozens of encampments were established around the world.

  • Jim Rogers' Boardroom Coup and the New Carbon Rules

    During the fireworks and record heat of Independence Week, Duke Energy closed its $26 billion merger with rival Progress Energy, creating the nation’s largest electric utility. Progress CEO William D. Johnson was to lead the expanded company—but just hours after the deal closed, the Board hastily installed Duke chairman and CEO James E. Rogers as chief executive of the merged company.

  • Stockman Warns of Crash of Fed-Fueled Bubble Economy

    The U.S. economy is in a bubble inflated by “phony money” from the Federal Reserve and will burst within a few years, warned David Stockman, who was budget director for President Ronald Reagan.

  • Navigant Consulting Sues Stockman Over Forensic Accounting

    David Stockman, the former Reagan administration budget director, was sued by the forensic accounting firm Navigant Consulting Inc. over claims he failed to pay $297,000 for work done for his defense in a fraud case.

  • Focus on Health-Care Costs Causes More Spending

    In 1983, the Ronald Reagan administration enacted one of the most significant cost reforms in Medicare’s history. The prospective payment system switched inpatient hospital reimbursement from open-ended fee-for-service to fixed fees paid per diagnosis.

  • Candidates Channeling Reagan Don’t Talk About His Tax Increases

    Republicans seeking their party’s 2012 presidential nomination are invoking Ronald Reagan when conveying their message of small government and low taxes.

  • Kagan's `Thin' Legal Record Hints She Will Ally With High Court Democrats

    Elena Kagan’s supporters say they are confident she will join the U.S. Supreme Court’s liberal wing -- even if she lacks the paper trail to prove their point.

  • David Stockman: the Next Ron Paul

    David Stockman first came to prominence as Ronald Reagan’s publicity-prone director of the Office of Management and Budget in the early 1980s. In the decades since he was fired from that job, his career in the leveraged-buyout business has been of no great distinction except that it included an indictment for fraud. (The charges were dropped and he paid $7.2 million to settle a civil case brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission.) Now here we are discussing his new book on the corruption of American capitalism, “The Great Deformation.”

  • Lynne Cheney’s Book on Madison Inspired by 9/11 Events

    He was sure in his views, exercised power behind the scenes, helped lead the nation after it was attacked and suffered from a serious health condition. His accomplishments are also under-appreciated.

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