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  • Climate Change Makes Any Disaster Global

    Historians may look back at Typhoon Haiyan as a turning point in disaster journalism and the politics of climate change. For the first time, an extreme- weather catastrophe in the tropics has shrugged off its “made in Asia” label and gone global.

  • Buffetts’ Philanthropy; Daniel Alpert: Top Business Books

    Daniel Alpert isn’t the first to point out the dangers of global trade imbalances.

  • Twitter, Frackers, Apple Inside Tales Revealed: Books

    An inside look at Twitter and advice from Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg will both hit the bookstores this month. Here are some November highlights:

  • Hiring McKinsey; Insider Trading: Top Business Books

    In “Circle of Friends,” Charles Gasparino gives us all the elements of the insider-trading genre: bundles of cash, informants wired by the FBI, bickering regulators.

  • Banks Allying With Hedge Funds as Capital Rules Bite

    Breezing into a sunlit conference room near London’s Hyde Park Corner wearing an open-collared white shirt that frames his square jaw, Loic Fery exudes the confidence of a soccer club owner who’s enjoyed success on the pitch and with the team’s account ledgers.

  • Heirs of Mao’s Comrades Rise as New Capitalist Nobility

    Lying in a Beijing military hospital in 1990, General Wang Zhen told a visitor he felt betrayed. Decades after he risked his life fighting for an egalitarian utopia, the ideals he held as one of Communist China’s founding fathers were being undermined by the capitalist ways of his children -- business leaders in finance, aviation and computers.

  • Woodford’s Theories Rooted in Japan Slump Embraced by Bernanke

    The Federal Reserve is buying mortgage-backed securities and has stated it will keep interest rates low until unemployment falls. The Bank of Canada under Mark Carney likewise made an explicit promise about how long rates would be held down, and Carney is now bringing this practice to the Bank of England. The European Central Bank, led by Mario Draghi, has refined how it communicates its interest- rate intentions.

  • Princeton, Israel Put Online Einstein’s Notes, Lover’s Letter

    Albert Einstein’s postcard to his sick mother joyfully reporting proof of the bending of light and a letter suggesting a solution to the Jewish-Arab conflict have been put online.

  • Love Your Job? Thank Your Country

    It is widely assumed that people in economically “advanced” countries do not differ significantly in how satisfied they are with their jobs. Because they are about equally productive, the reasoning is, they must produce things the same way, and so their work experience must be the same, too.

  • Beijing Billionaire Who Grew Up With Mao Sees No Housing Bubble

    From her leafy, 11th-floor rooftop terrace at the headquarters of Soho China Ltd ., billionaire Zhang Xin scans the relentlessly expanding Beijing skyline she helped create. Zhang’s avant-garde buildings -- some sleek as chopsticks, others stepped like rice terraces -- became part of the hottest real estate market on Earth in 2010.

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