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  • ISI’s Hyman Parlaying Research Into Fortune With Evercore

  • Buying Into the Semiconductor Rebound

  • Peter Lynch's Lesson Leads Ellison Back Into Banking Stocks

    David Ellison learned a simple lesson from legendary mutual-fund manager Peter Lynch as a young bank analyst at Fidelity Investments in the 1980s: If things at a company are getting better, you want to own its stock.

  • Fidelity Billionaire Johnson Taps ETFs as Profits From Funds Fade

    When Abigail Johnson began her apprenticeship at Fidelity Investments 25 years ago, the Boston- based firm founded by her grandfather was the nation’s biggest mutual-fund company and star manager Peter Lynch was enjoying a performance streak at the Magellan Fund -- a 29 percent average return over 13 years -- that ranks among the best in the industry’s history.

  • Fidelity Loses Top Mutual-Fund Spot to Bogle's Indexing

    John Bogle has preached the virtues of low-cost indexing since the 1970s to investors willing to pay higher fees for big-name money managers at firms such as Fidelity Investments.

  • How to Get Growth at a Good Price

    Investors sitting in cash (and wondering what to do) should probably avoid looking at the 25 year chart of the S&P 500 Index. Stocks have risen tenfold.

  • Looking for More Apples: Check Growth Against Price

    We're screening for tech leaders today. However, first a quick comment on the obvious -- Apple's multi-product announcement today at 1pm ET: Apple is trying desperately to prove it can still grow, and it needs to. The 64 analysts tracked by Bloomberg forecast earnings will decline 11 percent this year. Even if the company successfully introduces/markets/executes a low-priced iPhone for the Chinese market, the additional 40M unit sales will only add 10 percent to earnings next year, according to ISI's Brian Marshall. This boost would merely return earnings to last year's level.

  • That Pesky Indicator Still Saying U.S. Stocks Are Cheap

    It seems like for every doom-and- gloomer saying the U.S. stock market is headed for a 2000-style bubble burst, there’s an optimist behind them saying, “That’s nonsense -- and can I interest you in a flier on an IPO for an unprofitable Internet company?”

  • Fidelity Names Morrison to Head Asset Management Unit

    Fidelity Investments, the mutual- fund firm best known for its star stock pickers since it was started almost seven decades ago, named former bond manager Charles Morrison to run its asset-management unit.

  • Schwab Advisers Play Psychologist for Clients Burned Too Often

    In 12 years as a retail financial consultant for Charles Schwab, George Pennock thought he had seen every kind of market. Then, on May 6, he and his 250 clients lived through something new.

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