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  • House Intelligence Chairman Rogers Won’t Seek Re-Election

    U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, who has defended government surveillance programs as key to fighting terrorism, won’t seek re-election in November, setting off a competition to replace him on the panel.

  • Obama’s Manhattan Nuke Comment No Indication of Threat

    President Barack Obama’s passing remark about the prospect of a nuclear explosion in New York wasn’t meant as an indication of any real known threat, a White House spokeswoman said today.

  • IMF Bailout Fatigue Among Republicans Delays Ukraine Aid

    President Barack Obama’s plans to confront Russian aggression and aid Ukraine are complicated by a domestic roadblock: House Republicans wary of bailouts and suspicious of empowering the International Monetary Fund.

  • Malaysia Appeals to 25 Countries in Flight 370 Search

    As the search for a Boeing aircraft carrying 239 people risks becoming the longest hunt in modern civil aviation, Malaysia broadened its appeal for international help while the area being combed through grows larger every day.

  • Jet Probably Crashed in Sea as U.S. Help Resisted, Lawmakers Say

    A missing passenger jet “most likely” went down in the Indian Ocean, and authorities in Malaysia should stop resisting international help in finding out what happened on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, U.S. lawmakers said today.

  • Use of Stolen Passports on Vanished Jet Raises Concern About Terrorism

    The use of stolen passports by two passengers to board a Malaysian airliner that vanished over the South China Sea sends a “red flag” that terrorism may have played a part, according to security officials and analysts.

  • Plane-Debris Hunt Turns Up Suspected Aircraft Window Part

    Vietnamese searchers looking for a missing Malaysian Airline Boeing Co. 777-200 said they found a suspected window or door fragment as efforts to learn the plane’s fate extended to scrutiny of security camera images of two passengers using stolen passports.

  • Stolen Passports Show Post-9/11 Airline Security Flawed

    The discovery that two passengers boarded the missing Malaysian jet using stolen passports reveals flaws in the screening of air travelers that persist more than 12 years after security worldwide was strengthened in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

  • Budget Battle Ends Soon With Tea Party Loss: King, Corker

    Congress will open the partially shuttered government and increase its borrowing limit on at least a short-term basis next week before the debt ceiling is reached Oct. 17, Senator Bob Corker said.

  • King Says Tea Party Has Lost Shutdown Battle (Transcript)

    Representative Peter King, a New York Republican who opposed the partial U.S. government shutdown from the start, said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend, that House Republicans aligned with the Tea Party have lost their fight with the president, and that Congress soon will open the government and raise the debt ceiling.

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