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  • Obamacare Can Be Repealed Even With Enrollment, Ryan Says

    House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said Congress and a new president could still repeal President Barack Obama’s health-care law after 2016, rejecting Democratic arguments that the measure is irreversible.

  • Obama Seeks $100 Billion in New Taxes on Multinationals

    President Barack Obama proposed raising about $100 billion in revenue over the next decade through new taxes and restrictions on U.S. multinational companies.

  • Pell Grant Cuts Hurt For-Profit Colleges After 8-Fold Rise

    For-profit colleges, led by Apollo Group Inc .’s University of Phoenix, will be disproportionately hurt by cuts in the $30 billion Pell Grant program for low- income students.

  • Cut Off Harvard to Save America

    University endowments promote inefficiency and are anti-meritocratic.

  • Castro Predicts Strong Win Among Latinos for Obama (Transcript)

    San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro predicted President Barack Obama will win at least 70 percent of the Hispanic vote, describing Republican challenger Mitt Romney as “the most conservative candidate that the Latino community has ever seen.” Castro, the convention’s keynote speaker on Sept. 4, was interviewed today at a Bloomberg/Washington Post breakfast in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Pell Grants Shouldn’t Pay for Remedial College

    Everyone, from President Barack Obama to U.S. Representative Paul Ryan to Bill Gates, seems to have an idea for improving the Federal Pell Grant Program for higher education.

  • Jarrett Says Obama Wants Overhaul of Tax Code (Transcript)

    Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, said at a Bloomberg breakfast in Charlotte, North Carolina that the president would work with the business community to overhaul the tax code in a second term, as Democrats today kick off their national convention that aims to propel his re-election bid.

  • House Republicans Seek Cuts in Pell Grants

    House Republicans announced plans to cut funding for Pell college tuition grants, NPR and other Democratic priorities, setting up another contentious round of negotiations on the federal budget.

  • Lew Says Obama Is Open to More Spending Cuts (Transcript)

    President Barack Obama’s budget chief, Jacob Lew, said during a Bloomberg Breakfast in Washington with reporters yesterday in Washington that he is optimistic lawmakers will reach an agreement to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year and signaled the administration is open to more spending cuts in negotiations with Republicans.

  • Higher Education Funding Cut by $89 Billion Over 10 Years in Obama Budget

    President Barack Obama , who has called for the U.S. to lead the world in college graduates by 2020, proposed budget cuts that would reduce support for higher education by $89 billion over 10 years.

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