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  • Do Political Campaigns Even Matter?

    “Game Change 2” has just been published, and horse-race junkies currently feeling the aches and fevers of election withdrawal (Virginia and New Jersey’s gubernatorial races -- much less New York’s puny mayoral race -- hardly provided a fix) are rejoicing. As well they should. “Game Change 2” -- the actual title is “Double Down: Game Change 2012” -- is a joyous romp through the seedy underbelly of presidential campaigning. It’s a cure for the off-year shakes.

  • Love the Leaker, Hate the Leak

    Cui bono? That’s what Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan asks. “Who benefits” from recent leaks of intelligence information to the news media?

  • Obama Gets Praise for Tone in Seeking Civility After Shootings in Arizona

    President Barack Obama drew widespread praise for a nationally televised address in Arizona calling on Americans to choose compassion over conflict in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Tucson.

  • Summers Would Spark Confirmation Fight of the Century

    Throughout the Federal Reserve’s 100-year history, the Senate has generally deferred to the president’s choice of leader for the central bank. If Larry Summers is picked for the job, however, the debate around his nomination would be unlike any that has come before.

  • Obama Calls for Civility Over Conflict in Shooting Aftermath

    President Barack Obama implored Americans to choose compassion over conflict in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona, that killed six people, including a 9-year-old girl, and critically wounded a member of Congress.

  • Gingrich Bounce Shows Geek Love Can Still Blossom: Amity Shlaes

    Whether his recent rise in the polls is lasting or not, Newt Gingrich has already shifted Campaign 2012 for the better. The feisty former speaker of the House has reminded us through his debate performances that knowledge is an important part of a president’s work.

  • Politico’s Paul Ryan Satire: The Joke’s on Them

    A report this morning by Politico chief political correspondent Roger Simon includes this bombshell about Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan:

  • A Valuable U.S. Export: Banking Regulations

    By this point in the economic recovery, the biggest U.S. banks had expected the pressure from regulators to abate. In the aftermath of a major financial crisis, there is usually a turn toward tighter rules, and banks naturally build up their equity buffers after near-death experiences.

  • Romney Delays Swing-State Visit to Woo Donors in California

    Republican Mitt Romney, who defended the management of his campaign even as he trails President Barack Obama in swing states, spent yesterday raising money in California, which hasn’t supported his party’s nominee in almost a quarter-century.

  • Palin Loves Alaska, Makes Rove Cold: Margaret Carlson

    Like many in the lamestream media , I’m transfixed by Sarah Palin . It’s not that she’s so good at what she’s done; it’s that she’s done it at all.

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