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  • McDonnell Facing Prison Says He Was Made Easy Target Over Gifts

  • Obama Vies With Romney for Key Demographics in Campaign

    President Barack Obama wooed senior citizens in Florida today, vowing to protect their Medicare, as challenger Mitt Romney focused his attention on white working class voters in Virginia with appeals to religion and the military.

  • Muslim Leaders in Kenya Say Hatred Stirred by Christian Move to Block Laws

    By Sudarsan Raghavan July 7 (Washington Post) -- NAIROBI -- For 13 years, Judge Mudhar Ahmed has worked in relative obscurity, issuing Muslim marriage certificates, divorcing Muslim couples and weighing in on Muslim inheritance disputes. Now, he's facing an issue unlike any he has seen. He has one word to describe it: "Islamophobia." Ahmed is the head of Nairobi's Kadhis Court, one of 17 judicial bodies that administer sharia, or Islamic law, to Kenya's Muslim minority. The courts were enshrined in the nation's constitution decades ago, but Christian leaders are seeking to remove them from a proposed new constitution, scheduled for a referendum Aug. 4. They argue that Kenya is a secular state and that Muslims should not receive special privileges. Muslim leaders say the maneuvers are part of an agenda to deny their community rights and undermine their beliefs. "They are creating hatred between Muslims and Christians," said Ahmed,

  • Republican Insurgent-Love a Myth, Romney Shows: Ramesh Ponnuru

    The conventional wisdom now treats Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, as the strong favorite for the Republican nomination. On, he is given a 61 percent chance of winning the nomination -- more than three times his closest rival, Texas Governor Rick Perry.

  • Apple, Eaton, Google, Wockhardt: Intellectual Property

    Apple Inc. won more than $290 million from Samsung Electronics Co. in a do-over damages trial by relying on the same tactics it used in a 2012 victory -- and a witness who jurors said tipped the balance in Apple’s favor.

  • Obama Vies for Key Votes With Romney Over Medicare, Defense Cuts

    President Barack Obama stoked seniors’ fears about Medicare, wooed the Puerto Rican vote and cracked a birth-certificate joke, as challenger Mitt Romney focused on white working class voters with appeals to religion and the military.

  • Republican Candidates Challenging Obama Focus Attacks in Iowa

    The Republican presidential campaign descends in full force on Iowa this week, as the state prepares to host a straw poll that could start winnowing the field of candidates seeking to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012.

  • Virginia as Biggest Slaveholder Still Sees Civil War Divisively

    Edward L. Ayers knew Virginia was changing when more than 2,000 people arrived on a weekday at the University of Richmond’s basketball arena to hear a new perspective on the cause of the Civil War.

  • Carlson: Romney Must Get Past Himself to Beat Gingrich

    Mitt Romney’s troubles bring to mind a pop-psychology bestseller from a few years ago called “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Romney has endured rejection all year. Even the inadequate Herman Cain and the orange-haired reality star Donald Trump at one time polled better among Republicans than camera-ready Romney.

  • Conservatives Will Find the Way to Romney: Margaret Carlson

    The Christian right has been peculiarly inept this campaign. There’s little for them to like about the Republican front-runner, Mitt Romney.

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