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  • Secret Taliban Talks May Save Afghanistan

    What, exactly, is so terrible about Karzai negotiating separately with the same Taliban that the U.S. has repeatedly tried and failed to engage?

  • Supreme Court's Big Year Ends With Big Love

    Deck the halls, then book several: Plural marriage is now legal in the state of Utah, just in time for the holidays.

  • If Businesses Can Talk, They Can Pray

    Do corporations have a right to religious liberty? The contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act has made this abstract-sounding question into the hottest constitutional issue of the day -- hotter, even, than the right to privacy from government snooping. The U.S. Supreme Court has gotten into the game by agreeing to hear a case on the issue and, in the meantime, temporarily staying the law under a range of circumstances. The stage is now set for a battle that will end in the court’s second major Obamacare decision later this year.

  • Was 2013 the Year We Lost China?

    Having spent two days getting to know each other in Sunnylands, California, in June, Presidents Xi Jinping of China and Barack Obama of the U.S. sent each other Christmas gifts this year.

  • Don’t Let the Egyptian Army Follow Caesar’s Script: Noah Feldman

    At least since Julius Caesar came back from Gaul and made himself emperor, generals who overthrow the government have followed the same script: They take power only to make the country safe for rule by the people. Then they usually find a way to maintain their influence, even if they allow elections.

  • Quiet Iraq Exit Won’t Have a Replay in Afghanistan: Noah Feldman

    Rarely in U.S. history has the end of a war been marked with less fanfare than the withdrawal of the last troops from Iraq in time for Christmas. Indeed, you could almost be forgiven for failing to notice it at all, so arbitrary does the timing seem.

  • Osama bin Laden Fulfilled His One True Ambition: Noah Feldman

    Here is a bet about the decade since Sept. 11: Historians are going to be mystified by it.

  • Conservative Health-Care Split Offers Court a Path: Noah Feldman

    What will the U.S. Supreme Court do with the constitutional challenge to the health care law? Prediction, always a delicate business, is even harder when high-stakes politics affects a case.

  • Abbas’s UN Offensive Might Be a Step Toward Peace: Noah Feldman

    Just what is Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas thinking? At the new United Nations session, he has announced, the Palestinian National Authority will ask the Security Council to recognize Palestine as a state. The application will be dead on arrival: the U.S. has already said it will veto.

  • Historian-in-Chief Gingrich Can’t Shake His Past: Noah Feldman

    I was driving when I heard the latest Republican front-runner intoning that “the centerpiece of this campaign, I believe, is American exceptionalism versus the radicalism of Saul Alinsky.” He went on from there, but I was already grinning from ear to ear. Newt Gingrich had me at Alinsky.

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