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  • Putin Seen Punishing Own People Not Foes With Sanctions

  • Castro: 'Oswald Could Not Have Been the One Who Killed Kennedy'

    Fidel Castro shares at least one belief with the majority of Americans: He is convinced that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy was not the work of a lone gunman, but rather the culmination of a broad conspiracy.

  • Kennedy Showed How to Contain Iran

    It may seem like a stretch, but the Cold War crises that President John F. Kennedy faced hold important lessons for the nuclear impasse with Iran. Newly released historical files on the confrontations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in the early 1960s can help us better understand what to expect if the current negotiations with Tehran fail and we are soon confronted with a nuclear-armed Iran.

  • PepsiCo CEO Taps Cold War Hero to Seal Latest Russian Takeover

    Don Kendall made a name for himself by giving Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev his first taste of Pepsi. The 89-year-old former PepsiCo Inc. chief executive officer can also take some credit for the company’s latest move in Russia -- the takeover of Wimm-Bill-Dann Dairy & Juice Co.

  • Taylor: Berlin Wall’s Lesson for Barrier-Builders

    It was a chilly night for high summer in Berlin 50 years ago tomorrow, and it took East German Communists only about five hours to divide one of Europe’s grandest cities neatly in two.

  • Crimeans Under Lenin’s Statue Embrace Russia as West Unheeded

    In Crimea’s capital, locals are sticking handwritten notes under a statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, thanking Russia for stepping in.

  • Welcome to the End of the End of History

    The past 12 months have been bewildering, at least for those who assumed after 1989 that the world could look forward to a future of unequaled prosperity. Protests, often led by middle classes, erupted or intensified not only in economically damaged countries such as Greece, Spain and Thailand. They rattled relatively competent stewards of globalized economies in Chile, Brazil and Turkey.

  • Crimeans Homeless in Ukraine Seek Solace in Kiev Asylums

    Exiled during Soviet times and repatriated to Ukraine 22 years ago, Susanna Yagyaeva is on the move again as Russia’s military returns to her homeland.

  • Cold War Ghosts Haunt East Europe in Moves for Crimea

    Alzbeta Ehrnhofer was a 13-year-old Slovak schoolgirl when the Soviet Army poured into Czechoslovakia to “restore order” after the 1968 Prague Spring promised some freedoms to the Warsaw Pact nation.

  • Putin Crimea Grab Shows Trail of Warning Signs West Ignored

    Western leaders from President Barack Obama to Chancellor Angela Merkel are telling Russia not to violate Ukraine’s sovereignty. Vladimir Putin’s response as he prepares for military conflict: What about ours?

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