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  • Trailer Parks Lure Wall Street Investors Looking for Double-Wide Returns

    When Dan Weissman worked at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and, later, at a hedge fund, he didn’t have to worry about methamphetamine addicts chasing his employees with metal pipes. Or SWAT teams barging into his workplace looking for arsonists.

  • Redwood Returns to Mortgage-Bond Market With $342 Million Deal

    Redwood Trust Inc., the biggest issuer of U.S. home-loan securities without government backing last year, ended a four-month absence from the market with a $341.9 million transaction.

  • Redwood Trust to Sell First Mortgage Bonds This Year

    Redwood Trust Inc., the biggest issuer of U.S. home-loan bonds without government backing last year, is ending its four-month absence from a market that’s all but evaporated as banks compete with debt investors for the extra yield offered by private-label mortgages.

  • California Coverage Cancellations Show Obamacare Price Increases

    San Francisco writer Lisa Buchanan said she and her husband got notices that they’ll have to pay almost twice as much for health insurance because their current coverage doesn’t comply with Obamacare.

  • Redwood Trust Says SEC Sought Information on Acacia CDO Trading, Valuation

    Redwood Trust Inc. , the jumbo- mortgage specialist that in April sponsored the first private securitization of new U.S. home loans in two years, said regulators demanded information about its Acacia collateralized- debt-obligation business.

  • Hot New Surplus Store Goes on Safari

    Patricia: Mel and I gave the store and the catalog everything we had, all day, every day of the week. It would have been unthinkable for either of us to let the other down.

  • An Empire Built on Short-Armed Shirts

    Mel: If you took 1,500 one-dollar bills and laid them end to end, they would stretch all of 750 feet, only three-quarters of the way down a crosstown block in Manhattan. We had to stretch those dollars into a lifetime free of ever having to work for anyone other than ourselves again.

  • Alabama Football Dominance Powered by Bear Bryant Son's Fortune

    The University of Alabama opened a new football-training center last February. Any professional team would be happy to have it. The amenities include a $9 million weight room, a hydrotherapy pool with a Club Med–style cascade of hot water and an anti-gravity treadmill that’s more NASA than Nautilus. Coach Nick Saban goes over the finer points of football with his team in a 212-seat theater with a multiplex-sized screen. After practice, players shoot pool or kick back on a leather couch with a video game, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its January issue.

  • Redwood Said to Sell $619.2 Million of U.S. Home-Loan Securities

    Redwood Trust Inc., the specialist in so-called jumbo mortgages, sold $619.2 million of home-loan securities in its second deal this month, according to a person familiar with the offering.

  • Redwood Sells $424 Million of Mortgage Debt at Wider Spreads

    Redwood Trust Inc. sold $424 million of bonds tied to new U.S. home loans without government backing at wider relative yields as issuance soars this year.

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