Michele Ferrero

Michele Ferrero

The majority of Ferrero's fortune is held in investment company Ferrero International, owner of the world's fourth-largest chocolate maker. The company operates more than 70 affiliated operations, with 38 business units and 15 production plants in more than 100 countries. Products include Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates, Nutella and Tic Tac.

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    Silvio Berlusconi’s fortune has increased by $1.5 billion this year even as the former Italian prime minister lost four criminal-court judgments since January.

  • Billionaire Perfetti Brothers Add to Italy Candy Fortune

    In 1946, brothers Ambrogio and Egidio Perfetti took over their father’s small candy workshop in Lainate, Italy. One of the their earliest products was the country’s first brand of chewing gum, Brooklyn, which featured the iconic New York City bridge on the wrapper.

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    Bloomberg Markets’ inaugural list of the world’s richest people showcases the billionaires who pull the levers on the global economy. Their net worth totals $2.7 trillion, about the size of the gross domestic product of France, the fifth-biggest economy on the planet.

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    The 20 richest people on Earth lost a combined $11.3 billion yesterday as global markets fell after European economic growth slowed and investors weighed Greece’s chances of getting bondholders to accept a debt swap.

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    The 40 richest individuals on Earth lost a combined $6.2 billion yesterday as stocks dropped amid disappointing U.S. earnings, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the wealthiest people.


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