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  • The World's Most Dangerous Software

    When does a cyber-attack become an act of war?

  • Hey, Politicians: You Work for Us

    Why is our government so loath to hear from its citizens?

  • Israel Didn’t Know High Tech in Hod Hasharon Was Sent to Iran Via Denmark

    The clandestine arrangement worked smoothly for years. The Israeli company shipped its Internet- monitoring equipment to a distributor in Denmark. Once there, workers stripped away the packaging and removed the labels.

  • Cheating at Chess and Other Pastimes

    The Christmas season may seem an odd time to bring up the subject of cheating. But it’s also college exam season -- and besides, some stories are impossible to resist.

  • The Greatest Gift of All (Economically Speaking)

    In January 1993, Joel Waldfogel asked 86 undergraduate students whether they liked their Christmas gifts. But Waldfogel is an economist, so he phrased the question more precisely, asking them how much they would’ve paid to buy those items for themselves.

  • Pope Francis and the Meteor

    As we await the dawning of the new year, I would like to look back on a pair of stories that received less coverage than they should have during 2013. Although different, each raises profound questions about our future. I don’t claim that these are the most important stories, or that nobody noticed them at all -- only that we should be paying more attention, and should ponder their implications, both in the year to come and in the decades beyond.

  • Office Depot Surges on Buyout Speculation After Executive Pay Plan Changes

    Office Depot Inc. rose to a six- month high and trading of bullish options jumped to 14 times the four-week average on speculation that the retailer will be bought after it boosted executives’ pay in the event of a sale.

  • Don’t Blame Dallas for Kennedy’s Death

    Cities don’t commit crimes, but Dallas continues to feel guilty all the same. Fifty years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, many in the city are still burdened by the memory of that day -- and the sense that, in some way they cannot put into words, they were responsible.

  • ‘The Hunger Games’: Better to Read or Watch?

    Exiting the movie theater after a showing of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” I overheard the following conversation between two teenagers:

  • Building Better Bitcoins

    It has been a rough couple of months for bitcoins.

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