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  • The Wage-Earner’s Case for the Minimum Wage

    Even a conservative who ordinarily doesn’t care much for government regulation of business ought to find the case for a government-mandated minimum wage pretty compelling. In brief: As a conservative, you believe in the dignity of work. And it sends a terrible message about the dignity of work when working full-time doesn’t earn you enough to live a decent life.

  • The Secret Agreement to Cut the Deficit

    Wait. Stop. What are we arguing about? I hate to spoil the fun, but deficit hawks and deficit doves are actually in agreement about how this sucker should play out.

  • Michael Kinsley on the Popularity of 'Downton Abbey' (Audio)

    Bloomberg View columnist Michael Kinsley on America's love affair with the British upper class, or at least TV portrayals of them. This commentary aired on Bloomberg Radio.

  • Obama Inaugural’s Liberal Definition of Rights

    President Barack Obama’s speech today made -- or tried to make -- two different points, both concerning the definition of “rights.” Although couched in the kind of president-ese appropriate to such an occasion, both goals were easy to spot, and both are parts of a solidly liberal vision of society and government.

  • In Defense of Wal-Mart, or at Least Its Heiress: Michael Kinsley

    In cultural commentary about the American economy, one company at a time always seems to be the goat. Everything it does is interpreted as evil.

  • The Problem That the Buffett Rule Won’t Fix: Michael Kinsley

    As everybody knows by now, Warren Buffett -- class traitor -- pays a smaller share of his income in taxes than does his secretary, Debbie Bosanek. In his State of the Union address last month, President Barack Obama proposed the “Buffett Rule” to rectify this.

  • A Drone War Is Still a War

    The most famous painting of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica,” commemorates the bombing of the small Spanish town on April 26, 1937, by the German air force, in support of General Francisco Franco’s fascists in the Spanish Civil War. Hard to believe, but this was history’s first extensive bombing of a civilian population.

  • Romney, a Management Consultant to Believe In: Michael Kinsley

    How great a leader can you be if you go on and on about what a great leader you are?

  • Kinsley: Iron-Clad Demands for Occupy Wall Street

    So I sat down to write up some demands for Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Washington and the related groups that have sprung up to terrify the political and financial establishments.

  • About Rising Inflation, Please Remain Worried: Michael Kinsley

    About two years ago I wrote an article saying that despite the lack of evidence, and despite the near-universal belief among economists that it was not a problem, I was worried about inflation. My reason was that I couldn’t see how the government could pay off the massive debt it was running up except by inflating at least part of it away.

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