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  • Colombia Health Boss Urges Mexico-Style Soda Tax to Curb Obesity

    Colombia should consider following Mexico in imposing a tax on sugary drinks to prevent an obesity crisis, the Andean nation’s Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria said.

  • San Franciscans View Tech Boom as Benefit at Cost of Diversity

    Most San Francisco residents view technology companies as a benefit for their city and say the government should continue to court them, even though the boom threatens community diversity, according to a survey released today.

  • Churches’ Use of New York City Schools Reversed on Appeal

    New York City’s refusal to allow religious groups to use public schools for worship doesn’t violate the U.S. Constitution, an appeals court ruled, reversing a trial judge in a case that has been reviewed by the court six times in almost two decades.

  • Soft-Drink Thirst Quenched by Pena Nieto Tax: Corporate Mexico

    The world’s biggest soft-drink guzzlers are taking smaller sips after Mexico raised taxes on sugary refreshments.

  • Ameritrade’s Ricketts Invites Wealthy to Koch-Style Group

    Billionaire TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts built a $25 million political operation aimed at reducing the size of government.

  • Charter Schools in Wealthy Areas at Center of NYC Battle

    At Success Academy Union Square, a charter school in Manhattan, parents dropping off kindergartners one frigid morning include a radiologist with a Louis Vuitton bag slung over one shoulder and a fashion designer married to an investment banker. Some arrive in taxis.

  • Bratton Seeks to Export New York Crime-Fighting Miracle

    It’s been dubbed the New York Miracle. Bill Bratton, who returned to his former job as the city’s police commissioner in January, says he wants Los Angeles, Chicago and London to experience it too.

  • Charter School Parents Sue NYC to Keep Harlem Space

    New York City was sued by charter school parents to force Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration to let their children’s academy share space in a local public school, heightening tensions over the educational alternative.

  • Left in Limbo by Malaysia Flight’s Disappearance: Opening Line

    The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which was lost from radar on Friday night (here)/Saturday morning (there) with 239 on board, and the pace of the investigation hold an eeriness reminiscent of the crash of Air France Flight 447, which similarly vanished on its way to Paris from Rio de Janeiro in 2009. The public’s ability to digest and mourn air tragedies are typically aided by the usual evidence -- the (horrible) images we get when they happen in plain sight. In this case, as was initially the case with Flight 447, our default visceral reaction feels suspended. There’s nothing to see. The scant clues are ominous, most notably the discovery that two tickets were bought together with stolen passports. Now authorities say as many as four travelers’ identities may be suspect, and they have been unable to retrieve the

  • Obamacare Foes Run Nearly Half of Early Ads for Congress

    President Barack Obama’s health- care law is fueling an explosion in early television advertising before November’s congressional elections, with close to half the commercials attacking the measure.

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