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  • Greece’s Bonds Lead Euro-Periphery Debt Rout

    Greek bonds led a rout in the euro area’s most indebted countries as opinion polls suggesting the nation’s governing coalition is losing support reawakened concern the regional debt crisis is far from resolved.

  • Greek Ruling Coalition Faces Survival Vote in EU Election

    Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has persuaded investors to buy the story of Greece’s recovery as manufacturing recovers and unemployment starts to fall. Now he has to win over voters.

  • Greece Will Suffer Less If It Leaves Euro Now: Megan Greene

    The mood on the ground in Athens has shifted palpably over the past few months. Everyone has firsthand stories of sorrow and bitterness to tell, as austerity measures bite. They speak of retired parents on rapidly shrinking pensions struggling to meet higher taxes and prices, or of young siblings with multiple masters degrees forced to work in call centers or cafes.

  • Greek Euro Exit Seen Possible in First Half by Roubini’s Greene

    Greece may quit the euro zone as soon as 2013’s first half, said Megan Greene, director of European economics at Roubini Global Economics LLC.

  • How Germany Just Undercut the Euro

    Germany's Constitutional Court has weakened Mario Draghi's most potent weapon in the battle to save the euro.

  • Spain to Borrow $267 Billion of Debt Amid Rescue Pressure

    Spain plans to borrow 207.2 billion euros ($266.5 billion) next year, the Budget Ministry said today, as pressure builds for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to tap the European rescue fund instead of financial markets.

  • Europe’s Anti-Austerity Calls Mount as Elections Near

    A recession in Spain and forecasts of rising unemployment in the 17-nation euro area are amplifying criticism of the German-led austerity agenda in election campaigns this week in France and Greece.

  • On the IMF’s Big Fat Greek Woulda-Shoulda-Coulda

    It takes a big person to acknowledge he was wrong, and the International Monetary Fund has now repeatedly admitted to the failure of its euro-area rescue policies.

  • Berlusconi Prepares a New Italian Drama

    A political storm brewing in Italy has the potential to disrupt the calm that has prevailed in the euro area. Europe’s leaders can only hope that markets will somehow prevent the currency union’s third-largest economy from backsliding too far on efforts to keep its debts under control.

  • Greece Isn’t Turning the Corner

    Judging from the markets and English- speaking news media this week, Greece’s damaged economy has finally turned the corner. I doubt it.

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