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  • Samsung Says $2 Billion Apple Suit Is Attack on Android

    Samsung Electronics Co. told jurors at the opening of a $2 billion trial that Apple Inc.’s patent case is really an attack on Google Inc.’s Android operating system and a ploy to stem smartphone competition that has overwhelmed iPhone sales.

  • Apple-Samsung Jury Is Seated in California Patent Trial

    Apple Inc.’s and Samsung Electronics Co.’s opening arguments in a $2 billion trial over smartphone technology will be heard today by a jury that includes a retired International Business Machines Corp. software systems manager, a medical billing administrator and a community service officer.

  • Apple, Samsung Ordered Into Patent Settlement Conference

    Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. are unlikely to resolve their worldwide fight over mobile device patents in court-ordered talks that started today between their chief executive officers, said lawyers following the case.

  • Apple May Seek Expanded Samsung Ban for Future Devices

    Apple Inc., trying to regain lost smartphone market share from Samsung Electronics Co., may push to add unreleased Samsung mobile products to a permanent U.S. sales ban it’s seeking after winning a $1.05 billion verdict.

  • Apple, Samsung Take Smartphone War to First U.S. Jury

    Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., having waged their patent battle on four continents, are now on a collision course in California with little prospect of a settlement before a jury trial set to begin this week.

  • Yahoo! Sues Facebook Over Patents Related to Advertising

    Facebook Inc. was accused in a lawsuit by Yahoo! Inc. of infringing patents covering functions critical to websites, including Internet advertising, information sharing and privacy.

  • Apple-Samsung Jury Must Answer More Than 600 Questions

    The jurors who will decide the outcome of the intellectual-property trial between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. must answer more than 600 questions simply to get to the end of their verdict form.

  • Kodak, Pussy Riot, News Corp.: Intellectual Property

    The U.S. Trustee overseeing Eastman Kodak Co.’s bankruptcy was asked to probe the photography pioneer’s patent auction by a New York hedge fund, which said the “unusually secretive” bidding process wasn’t likely to benefit creditors.

  • Amkor, LG, Amazon, Goa, Google: Intellectual Property

    Amkor Technology Inc. won an appeals court ruling that revives its patent-infringement case against Malaysia’s Carsem M Sdn Bhd over integrated circuits at the U.S. International Trade Commission.

  • Apple, Samsung Report No Progress in Trimming Patent Case

    Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. reported they made no progress toward narrowing their dispute over smartphone and computer tablet patents, increasing the chances a jury will decide the matter starting Aug. 21.

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