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  • Goldman Sticks to Ukraine Currency Rout Call: East Europe Credit

    As Ukraine investors greeted the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych with the biggest bond rally this year, calls by interim leaders for as much as $35 billion in aid are weighing on the currency.

  • U.S. 10-Year Notes in Longest Losing Streak in Six Months on Fed

    Treasury 10-year notes fell for a sixth straight week, the longest stretch since June, as signs of a quickening economic recovery boosted speculation the Federal Reserve will keep cutting debt purchases.

  • Grant of Southwest Securities Discusses European Bailouts:Audio

    Mark Grant, managing director at Southwest Securities Inc., talks with Bloomberg's David Wilson and contributing editor William Cohan about the choices facing Ireland's government as it asks the European Union to bail out its banking system, and the potential for failures in other EU countries.

  • Euro, Stocks Tumble as Germany Bans Naked Short Sales

    The euro slid to a four-year low against the dollar, stocks tumbled and oil erased its rally as Germany’s ban of certain bearish investments fueled concern the region’s debt crisis will worsen.

  • German Auction ‘Disaster’ Stirs Crisis Concern

    Germany failed to get bids for 35 percent of the 10-year bonds offered for sale today, propelling borrowing costs in Europe higher and the euro lower on concern the region’s debt crisis is driving away investors.

  • Ireland on Brink as `Beggar' for Aid After Losses by Fingleton

    As a young accountant, Michael Fingleton took his do-it-yourself attitude from Dublin to Lagos, Nigeria, to sort out the finances of the Catholic archdiocese.

  • Irish Bailout Is a ‘Terrible Deal,’ Gerry Adams Says

    Following are comments about Ireland’s 85 billion-euro ($113 billion) emergency-aid package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The three-year package, aimed at propping up the country’s battered banking industry and to help service its sovereign debts, will require Ireland to repay the money at an average interest rate of 5.8 percent.

  • Cowen Relies on Sugar Daddy to Gain Support for Irish Budget: Euro Credit

    Among his supporters in the southwest of Ireland, lawmaker Jackie Healy-Rae is known as the “Sugar Daddy” for championing his region. Now Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen may depend on his former political ally to pass next year’s budget and keep international patrons sweet.

  • S&P 500 Index Caps Worst Thanksgiving-Week Drop Since ’32; Treasuries Fall

    U.S. stocks slipped, capping the worst Thanksgiving-week loss since 1932, and commodities fell as a reduction in Belgium’s credit rating and reports that Greece is demanding bondholders accept larger losses fueled concern Europe’s debt crisis is worsening. Treasuries fell.

  • Stocks: Worst Thanksgiving Drop Since ’32

    U.S. stocks fell, capping the worst Thanksgiving-week drop since 1932 in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, as S&P cut Belgium’s rating and a report said Greece is demanding private investors accept larger losses on their debt.

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