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  • NCAA Chief Meets With NBA Owners on Raising Age for Rookies

    National Collegiate Athletic Association President Mark Emmert met with National Basketball Association owners, many of whom want to increase the age at which players can enter the league.

  • Northwestern Appeals NLRB Ruling on Football Team Union

    Northwestern University appealed a decision by the National Labor Relations Board allowing the school’s football team to form the first players’ union in college sports.

  • Calipari Gets $500,000 as NCAA Student Must Change Water

    Before Zach Bohannon of the Wisconsin Badgers suits up for the Final Four tomorrow, he knows arena security will be checking the label on his bottled water.

  • NCAA Says Northwestern Union Case Will Wind Up in Supreme Court

    The National Labor Relations Board ruling allowing Northwestern University’s football team to become the first college sports union will eventually be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, NCAA President Mark Emmert said.

  • Large Majority Opposes Paying NCAA Athletes, Washington Post-ABC News Poll Finds

    By Alex Prewitt March 23 (Washington Post) -- A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that a large majority of the general public opposes paying salaries to college athletes beyond the scholarships currently offered. Only 33 percent support paying college athletes. At 64 percent, opposition is nearly twice as high as support, with 47 percent strongly against the idea. Nearly every demographic and political group opposes it except non-whites, for whom 51 percent support. The breakdown among whites (73 percent oppose, 24 percent support) tilted strongly in the opposite direction, echoing the perspective of NCAA President Mark Emmert. "We have long heard from fans that there is little support for turning student-athletes into paid employees of their universities," Emmert said in a statement. "The overwhelming majority of student-athletes, across all sports, play college athletics as part of their educational experience and for the

  • NCAA's Emmert Will Seek Bigger Scholarships to Help Athletes With Expenses

    National Collegiate Athletic Association President Mark Emmert said he will push for more financial support for student athletes that would help them cover expenses such as laundry and transportation home.

  • NCAA President Emmert Says College Group Will Drop Jersey Sales

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association is stopping sales of athletic jerseys, saying such business “could be seen as hypocritical.”

  • NCAA to Weigh Graduation Rules That Would Have Kept UConn From Postseason

    Banning schools from the postseason if their players don’t reach a minimum graduation rate will be voted on this week by the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division I Board of Directors.

  • College Football Needs Way to End Conference Panic, NCAA Chief Emmert Says

    College football needs a way to prevent schools from getting caught up in the panic of fast-pace conference changes, said National Collegiate Athletic Association President Mark Emmert.

  • NCAA Fires Head of Enforcement After Violations in Miami Probe

    The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s head of enforcement was fired after an independent review said internal protocols were violated during the organization’s investigation into the University of Miami.

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