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  • I Can’t Believe It’s Butter in My Unilever Rama Spread

    Paul Polman, the head of margarine maker Unilever, has criticized butter in the past, saying the dairy fat “kills.” With sales of the company’s spreads sagging, he is now embracing it.

  • Mars Inc. to Libertarians Thwart Food Stamp Health Limits

    Nicole Blakey says she can’t stand watching other people buy junk food with the government-issued food-stamp debit cards she’s used to raise three children while earning $9 an hour at a dry cleaner.

  • POM Wonderful Health Claims for Juice Lack Scientific Support, U.S. Says

    POM Wonderful LLC doesn’t have the scientific backing to make advertising claims that its pomegranate juice and supplements prevent or treat prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction and heart disease, a U.S. Federal Trade Commission lawyer said.

  • U.S. Losing Taste for Corn Sweetener as Dieters Shun Soda

    Consumption of high-fructose corn syrup, used to sweeten products from Coca-Cola Co. to HJ Heinz Co. ketchup and linked to obesity, is falling in the U.S. as health-conscious consumers drink less soda.

  • Food Safety Official’s Past Work for Monsanto Spurs Petition for Ouster

    A top U.S. regulator’s ties to Monsanto Co., a maker of genetically modified food, are fueling an election-year recall push by consumer and public-interest groups flexing their clout on the Internet.

  • Sugar Seen as Driver in Rise of Diabetes, Study Suggests

    Excessive sugar consumption may be the main driver of a global rise in diabetes, independent of obesity, according to a study rekindling old debates about the sweetener’s role in an illness affecting 350 million worldwide.

  • Food Health Claims Need Scientific Tests, Report Says

    General Mills Inc. ’s Cheerios are among the foods that should be held to the same scientific standards as pharmaceuticals when promoted as having health benefits, a report ordered by U.S. regulators said today.

  • School Obesity Rate Dips in New York From Healthy-Habit Programs

    The obesity rate in grade school- aged children in New York dropped 5.5 percent between 2006 and 2010 as the city started programs to boost physical activity and encourage healthier eating habits.

  • Horse-Slaughter Jobs Embraced in State Where Cowboys Roam

    Tim Sappington is ready to buy horses for Valley Meat Co., which is seeking to open the first U.S. horse slaughterhouse since 2007. Right now he’s the only paid employee, and he puts his money where his mouth is.

  • A Pistachio Farmer, Pom Wonderful, and the FTC

    On an unexpectedly rainy October day in Los Angeles, Stewart Resnick looks out the window of a third-floor conference room and shrugs. It's midway through California's biggest-ever pistachio harvest and the rain is yet another reminder, should anyone need it, of how important water is to his business. He helps himself to a half a vegetable wrap and a bottle of Fiji Water—one of the four big consumer brands Resnick owns—and takes his place at the head of the table, where senior executives of his private company, Roll International, have gathered to discuss how to sell 300 million pounds of pistachios.

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