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  • Fed Governor Stein Resigns to Return to Teaching at Harvard

    Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein, a thought leader on the linkage between monetary policy and financial stability, resigned from his post to return to teaching economics at Harvard University.

  • Bullard Says Slowing of Inflation Might Prompt Taper Delay

    Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said a further slowing of inflation could prompt policy makers to suspend tapering of bond purchases, though he doesn’t expect that to happen.

  • Economy in U.S. Expands More Than Previously Estimated

    The U.S. economy grew more rapidly in the fourth quarter than previously estimated as consumer spending climbed by the most in three years, showing the expansion had momentum heading into this year’s harsh winter.

  • Yellen Job One Is Redoing Guidance Without Roiling Markets

    In her first meeting as Federal Reserve chair next week, Janet Yellen will put her stamp on policy by reaching for a favorite tool of central bankers: words intended to guide markets in the direction policy makers want.

  • Yellen Faces Forging Consensus on Fed’s Rate Guidance

    Federal Reserve officials agree that they must retool their guidance on when to consider raising interest rates. Chair Janet Yellen’s task is to forge a consensus on the new message from their disparate views.

  • Yellen Seeking New Low-Rate Guidance Can Use Forecasts

    As Janet Yellen seeks to forge a consensus on a new strategy for communicating the Federal Reserve’s intention to keep rates low, she can reach for a six- year-old tool: the Fed’s quarterly forecasts.

  • Republicans Discover Evidence of Jobs Crisis

    The U.S. has been in a jobs emergency since at least 2008. The cause of the crisis -- too little demand -- isn’t mysterious, and neither are the solutions. We could invest in infrastructure to create construction jobs. We could give tax breaks to employers who hire new workers. We could restore the payroll tax cut to workers so they have more money to spend. We could help state and local governments hire back some of the employees they laid off during the recession. Macroeconomic Advisers, an economic consulting firm, found that the American Jobs Act, which contained many of these policies, would have created 2 million jobs.

  • Former Fed Research Director David Stockton Joins Macroeconomic Advisers

    David Stockton, the former top economic forecaster for Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and former chairman Alan Greenspan, has joined Macroeconomic Advisers LLC as a senior adviser.

  • Yellen’s Quake-Proof Calm Needed to Guide Fed Easing Exit

    When the deadly Loma Prieta earthquake struck San Francisco in October 1989, then-professor Janet Yellen was working in her sixth-floor office at the University of California at Berkeley.

  • Shutdown Would Shave U.S. Growth as Much as 1.4 Pctg. Points in Q4

    A shutdown of the U.S. government would reduce fourth-quarter economic growth by as much as 1.4 percentage points depending on its length, economists say, as government workers from park rangers to telephone receptionists are furloughed.

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