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  • Nazis, Marijuana and Compulsives: A Summer Reading List

    It’s puzzling why only Americans made the cut in Joshua Kendall’s study of obsessive traits in seven high achievers -- but who cares? The control freaks and workaholics profiled in “America’s Obsessives: The Compulsive Energy That Built Nation” (Grand Central Publishing), one of three books reviewed in the Summer 2013 issue of Bloomberg Pursuits, are so fascinatingly weird that carping seems almost criminal.

  • Lost $200 Million Da Vinci to Go on Show in U.K., Not for Sale

    A rediscovered Leonardo Da Vinci painting, valued by dealers at a record $200 million, is no longer for sale. The work is due to be included in an exhibition at London’s National Gallery starting in November.

  • Hunt for Da Vinci Battle Fresco Stirs Squabble: Martin Gayford

    A masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci hidden for 450 years behind a false wall in the center of Florence, a clue hidden in plain sight that tens of thousands of tourists passed by every year: It sounds like the plot of a Dan Brown novel. Indeed, that’s what some people say it is.

  • Leonardo’s Lungs Fascinate at Buckingham Palace

    There are gruesome images of the human body as meat, animals sliced to display inner organs, and a morbid obsession with skulls.

  • Fugitive Fund Manager Stuffed Underwear With Cash, Fled

    The German fugitive hedge fund manager who more than five years ago fled the Spanish island of Mallorca with $500,000 hidden in his underwear and luggage faces U.S. charges after his arrest at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

  • Lost Leonardo da Vinci May Sell for $200 Million, Telegraph Says

    A painting newly attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and once owned by King Charles I of England may fetch a record 125 million pounds ($200 million) at auction, The Daily Telegraph reported, without saying where it got the information.

  • Da Vinci Star Power, Nude Ai Weiwei, Oscar’s Scrub Enliven 2011

    Although Leonardo da Vinci died almost half a millennium ago, he has had a great year. The success of his show at the National Gallery in London has been sensational.

  • Lewis Lapham: Michelangelo Made Art Sexy

    Commissioned along with Leonardo da Vinci in 1504 to paint a battle scene on the wall of the Great Council Hall in Florence, Michelangelo jumped at the chance.

  • How a Medieval Friar Forever Changed Finance

    Consider some headlines from the past week. China announced its gross domestic product had slowed to a three-year low of 7.6 percent in the latest quarter. The International Monetary Fund cut its global growth forecasts to 3.9 percent for 2013. And Citigroup Inc. announced its net income was down 12 percent.

  • Da Vinci Extravaganza, Soviet Fantasy, 1980s Redux: Fall Preview

    Nobody ever acquired more fame with fewer actual paintings than Leonardo. He makes even the ultra- rare Dutch master Vermeer seem prolific.

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