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  • Enron-Busting `Godzilla' Aids Government's Hunt for Crime

  • Breuer Returning to Covington After Four Years at Justice

    After four years leading U.S. government efforts to prosecute financial crime, Lanny Breuer is returning to private practice where he’ll help expand his old law firm’s white-collar criminal defense practice.

  • Covington, Patton Boggs, Gibson, Nixon: Business of Law

    After four years leading U.S. government efforts to prosecute financial crime, Lanny Breuer is returning to his former law firm.

  • Who Decided U.S. Megabanks Are Too Big to Jail?

    Tom Hanks has a knack for playing the roles that define American generations. In “Saving Private Ryan,” he embodied the courage of the men who landed on the Normandy beaches under heavy fire. In “Apollo 13,” he conveyed calm and ingenuity under intense pressure: “Houston, we have a problem.” And Forrest Gump revealed much about America before, during and after the Vietnam War.

  • HSBC Mexican Branches Said to Be Traffickers’ Favorites

    HSBC Holdings Plc’s Mexican branches had become so well-known to drug traffickers as the place to launder proceeds from illicit sales that cartels began using special boxes to speed transactions, U.S. prosecutors said.

  • UBS Libor Traders Face U.S. Criminal Charges

    UBS AG will pay about $1.5 billion and two former traders face prison as the bank settled charges with U.S. and U.K. authorities for manipulating interest rates in a global conspiracy to boost profits and bonuses.

  • Crime and Punishment and Senator John Edwards: Margaret Carlson

    John Edwards committed the perfect crime. He began an affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter on the night she waited outside his New York hotel and told him he was “hot” and later produced a child with her. Yet he didn’t suffer for it at the polls. He lost his bid for the White House in 2008 simply because voters, who knew nothing of his dalliance, concluded that he wasn’t presidential timber. Nor was he denied access to his children, as men in his situation so often are. Instead, he won them in an existential custody fight that his wife lost by dying.

  • Fraud Trial for WellCare Ex-CEO Shows Medicaid Abuse

    In October 2007, Todd Farha and his company were thriving. The chief executive officer of WellCare Health Plans Inc. had sold $57 million of his stock over three years as the share price rose seven-fold. Starting in 2002 with seed money from a George Soros fund, he had built WellCare into the largest insurer in Florida’s Medicaid program.

  • JPMorgan Is Too Big to Whine

    Claims of JPMorgan's persecution don't make sense.

  • U.S. Prosecutor Overseeing Forex, Libor Probes to Depart

    The U.S. Justice Department prosecutor who has overseen probes into the rigging of currency markets and benchmark interest rates is stepping down next month as her replacement awaits Senate approval.

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