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  • North Korea’s Kim Should Face Human Rights Trial, UN Says

    North Korea has committed the worst crimes against humanity in modern history and leader Kim Jong Un should be tried by the International Criminal Court and held accountable, a United Nations commission said.

  • Xi Faces Economic Test of Courage After Leadership Change

    China’s placement of a North Korean- educated economist and an exemplar of debt-fueled infrastructure on its ruling body may add to challenges for Communist Party leader Xi Jinping as he seeks to deepen the nation’s development.

  • Who’s Who in China’s New Communist Party Leadership Lineup

    China’s Communist Party announced the makeup of the new Politburo Standing Committee today. The panel, which was reduced to seven members from nine, is the most powerful decision-making body in China.

  • North Korea’s Kim Says His Regime Can’t Be Blackmailed

    North Korea won’t be bullied by its nuclear-armed enemies, third-generation dictator Kim Jong Un said in his first public address at a military parade as South Korea warned that his regime may conduct an atomic test.

  • North Korea’s ‘Dear Leader’ Dictator Kim Jong Il Dies; Son May Take Over

    Kim Jong Il, the second-generation North Korean dictator who defied global condemnation to build nuclear weapons while his people starved, has died, state media reported. A government statement called on North Koreans to “loyally follow” his son, Kim Jong Un.

  • N. Korea Celebrates Founder’s Birth Amid Heightened Tensions

    North Korea marks the 101st birth anniversary of state founder Kim Il Sung today, after the U.S. reached an agreement with China, Japan and South Korea to try to coax the reclusive regime back to talks.

  • North Korean Officials Praise Leader Kim at Memorial After Purge

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un commanded pledges of loyalty from his party and military at a televised rally commemorating the death of his father, days after he executed his uncle and de facto deputy for treason.

  • Mountain Carving Marks Kim’s Birth as North Korea Burnishes Family Legacy

    North Korea today commemorates the birthday of late dictator Kim Jong Il, capping off weeks of celebration that included carving his name into the side of a mountain, as it tries to burnish the legacy of the Kim dynasty.

  • Kim Jong Un Says North Korea More United After Purge of Uncle

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the unity of his nation has strengthened “a hundredfold” since his uncle and second-in-command Jang Song Thaek was executed last month.

  • What to Do When North Korea Goes South

    From time to time, newspapers shower readers with predictions of a looming mass starvation in North Korea, usually in springtime. In March 2011, the New York Times wrote: “North Korea: 6 Million Are Hungry.” One year earlier, in March 2010, the Times of London warned: “Catastrophe in North Korea; China must pressure Pyongyang to allow food aid to millions threatened by famine.” In March 2009, a Washington Post headline read: “At the Heart of North Korea’s Troubles, an Intractable Hunger Crisis.”

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