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  • James Schlesinger, Pentagon Chief to Nixon, Ford, Dies at 85

    James R. Schlesinger, who served as U.S. secretary of defense under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford before becoming the nation’s first energy chief in Jimmy Carter’s administration, has died. He was 85.

  • Cambodia Embracing Capitalism With First IPO Since Pol Pot

    Min Sovannry wasn’t born when the Communist Khmer Rouge took power in 1975 and abolished Cambodia’s money, markets and financial system. Now the 21-year- old college student can’t wait to embrace capitalism.

  • Clinton Urges Cambodians to Seek Partners Beyond China in Asia-Pacific

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Cambodians to pursue a variety of partnerships throughout the Asia-Pacific region and not become over-reliant on China.

  • Cambodia’s Hun Sen Set to Extend 28-Year Rule

    Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen appeared set to extend his 28-year rule in one of Asia’s poorest countries with a much smaller majority, as opponents rejected election results and called for an investigation.

  • Rudd’s Refugee-Policy Shift Fails to Woo Australian Voters

    Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s efforts to ease voter concern at a jump in asylum seekers under the governing Labor party has failed to help overcome a deficit with the opposition ahead of a Sept. 7 election.

  • China Lobbying to Thwart U.S. Push for Burma War-Crimes Probe, Post Says

    China Campaigning Against International Probe of Possible War Crimes in Burma By Colum Lynch Oct. 25 (Washington Post) -- The Chinese government has launched a high-octane diplomatic campaign during the past two months aimed at thwarting the Obama administration's plan to back an international probe into possible war crimes by Burma's military rulers. The Chinese effort - which includes high-level lobbying of top U.N. officials and European and Asian governments - has taken the steam out of the U.S. initiative, which was designed to raise the political costs to Burma's military junta for failing to open its Nov. 7 elections to the country's political opposition. A senior U.S. official was pessimistic about the current prospects for securing international support for a war crimes probe and made it clear that Washington had no immediate plans to introduce a proposal to establish one. "We have been and continue

  • Funeral Crowds Demonstrate Divisions Over Thatcher’s Legacy

    The crowds that lined the route as Margaret Thatcher’s coffin passed through central London today reflected the division of opinion in Britain over her legacy.

  • Myanmar’s Exchange Rates Mean More Than Election Results

    The parliamentary election wins of Aung San Suu Kyi and her party weren’t necessarily the best news out of Myanmar in the past week.

  • Reformed Rebel’s Rise in Contest to Run Bogota May Jar Investors

    Gustavo Petro has received so many death threats for exposing Colombian corruption that he deploys 15 bodyguards as he campaigns for mayor of Bogota. The former guerrilla’s latest target is the graft he blames for the city’s decline from urban-planning model to traffic-clogged muddle.

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