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  • Baum on Money: Krugman the Monetarist?

    The new week begins with much of the U.S. under a deep-freeze alert. No need to bundle up for your daily reads on the U.S. economy.

  • What 2013 Taught Economists About Infant Mortality and Austerity

    In 2013, a graduate student discovered a flaw in a spreadsheet, renewing the debate about austerity and debt. Emerging economies tanked, and Bitcoin boomed. In the U.S., unemployment fell and the Federal Reserve started to scale back its bond-buying program. Research focused on inequality and jobs gap between the highly skilled and everyone else. The Affordable Care Act began.

  • Lower Your Economic Expectations and Be Surprised

    After green shoots, false dawns and any other overused metaphor you can think of to describe spring’s awakening (sorry) for the U.S. economy, is this the real deal?

  • Reinhart-Rogoff on Debt and Growth: Fake but Accurate?

    Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff have not given a satisfying defense against the accusation that their blockbuster 2010 paper on growth is built on a data error.

  • Fed, Please Step Away From the Monthly Data Dump

    Financial markets have become increasingly dependent on the Federal Reserve. The Fed is dependent on data (just in case you didn’t know). The data for the next few months will be distorted by the federal government shutdown during the first half of October. So what’s a responsible policy maker or investor to do to get a handle on how the U.S. economy is faring?

  • Stop the Fiscal War Against Our Children Now: Laurence Kotlikoff

    Our war in Afghanistan may be ending, but our war against our children continues in full force.

  • Simpson-Bowles Prod Congress Again to Anti-Deficit Fervor

    Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, the deficit-reduction duo, are trying to rekindle congressional interest in a $2.5 trillion package of spending cuts and tax increases with new details showing how it could work.

  • Low Inflation Alone Can’t Deliver Promised Land

    Cleaning up after the housing bubble burst seven years ago turned out to be a lot harder than the Federal Reserve imagined. And for a while, it seemed as if the cost of risk-taking run amok was enough to put the fear of God in central bankers.

  • Inflation Lurks as Stealth Tax on Top of Form 1040

    Inflation is sometimes referred to as a hidden tax. Unlike other taxes, it doesn’t require legislation by Congress or the states. It doesn’t merit a line item on the 1040 federal income-tax form many Americans will file this week. And it doesn’t appear on the bottom of sales’ receipts as a percentage markup on the things we buy.

  • Proving Greenspan Wrong Shows Why Rey Became Worthy to Bernanke

    Helene Rey made a side trip on her way to the hospital to give birth to her daughter in September 2006: She stopped off at the main office of London Business School, where she teaches economics, to turn in a report on a doctoral defense.

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